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Venezuelan people are people identified with Venezuela. Venezuelans are predominantly Roman Catholic and speak Spanish. The majority of Venezuelans are the result of a mixture of Europeans, Africans and Amerindians. Approximately 51.6% of the population are Pardos of mixed European, African, and Amerindian ancestry; 43.6% of Venezuelans identify as European, 3.6% identify as being Afro-Venezuelan and 2.7% identify as being Amerindian.


Chile expells more than 100 Colombians and Venezuelans [Video]

Chile expells more than 100 Colombians and Venezuelans

The migrants are penniless and exhausted. Many arrive traumatised after experiencing robbery, violence and even rape on their .

Credit: Al Jazeera STUDIO     Duration: 03:21Published

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Some Venezuelans welcome relaxing of lockdown after 14 weeks inside

After 14 weeks locked up in their homes, some Venezuelans are welcoming a decision by President Nicolas Maduro's government to relax a coronavirus lockdown, though doctors warn the measure could speed..
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Hundreds of Venezuelans camp in northern Bogota, await return home

Hundreds of Venezuelan migrants are camping in an array of tents along a major Bogota highway as they wait to make their way back home, even as tightening border restrictions strand returnees fleeing..
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For Venezuelans, a key obstacle for handwashing during pandemic - no running water

After going two months without running water at her home on the outskirts of Venezuela's capital Caracas, Mara Loyo stores it whenever it becomes available, in pots, pans, and even tablespoons.
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Fuel-short Venezuelans turn to two wheels in boom for bike mechanics

With fuel for decades the cheapest in the world and gas-guzzling vehicles a sign of status, few Venezuelans could be bothered to jump on a bicycle.
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Venezuelans revamp cars to run on cooking gas amid fuel shortages

Venezuelans struggling to cope with chronic fuel shortages are jury-rigging vehicles to run on cooking gas cylinders, a practice industrial safety experts describe as dangerous and which has led to at..
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In twist of fate, Venezuelans in Chile seek to return home

Hundreds of Venezuelans seeking to return home gathered in a makeshift tent camp outside their embassy in Santiago on Thursday, as the coronavirus outbreak spurs a reverse migration wave of those who..
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As lockdown hurts, desperate Venezuelans turn to cow blood soup

Since Venezuela went into its coronavirus lockdown, dozens of needy people have been lining up at a slaughterhouse in the western town of San Cristobal to pick up the only protein they can find for..
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Colombia says over 52,000 Venezuelans return home, cites lockdown

More than 52,000 Venezuelans have voluntarily returned to their country from Colombia during the coronavirus lockdown, Colombia's migration agency said on Tuesday.
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Venezuela's top prosecutor requests extradition of U.S. veteran accused in plot

Venezuela's Chief Prosecutor Tarek Saab said on Friday his office had requested the detention and extradition of U.S. military veteran Jordan Goudreau and two Venezuelans accused of involvement in a..
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For struggling Venezuelans in quarantine, an opportunity in delivery services

Delivery services have become one of the few employment opportunities for Venezuelans living under a coronavirus quarantine in a country already struggling with a recession, hyperinflation and fuel..
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Brazil closes border to Venezuelans as coronavirus outbreak worsens

Brazil on Wednesday closed its border to Venezuelans for an initial 15 days, citing strains on the public health system from a worsening global coronavirus outbreak and what its president described as..
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Venezuelans say they need to go out to work despite coronavirus quarantine

Venezuela entered the first day of a quarantine on Monday, imposed by President Nicolas Maduro to prevent the spread of the coronavirus - but many across the country went out anyway, saying they could..
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Eleven young Venezuelans die in fire while foraging for food

At least 11 young Venezuelans died in a fire in a cane field where they were hunting rabbits, as they tried to find food amid wide-spread shortages, authorities and locals in western Aragua state said..
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'Missed his moment': opposition corruption scandal undermines Venezuela's Guaido

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido's faltering efforts to oust President Nicolas Maduro are facing a new challenge in the form of an influence-peddling scandal that has left disillusioned..
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Black Friday comes to Venezuela as socialist government loosens controls

Venezuelans flocked to shopping centers in Caracas, the country's largest city, on Friday to take advantage of the first "Black Friday" discounts in recent memory, as socialist President Nicolas..
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Bolivia kicks out Cubans, Venezuelans for allegedly fueling unrest

Bolivia's interim government said it had asked Venezuelan and Cuban officials to leave the country, including scores of Cuban doctors, accusing them of instigating unrest in the wake of the resignation..
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Venezuela exodus set to top 5 million as long-term needs grow, officials say

The exodus of Venezuelans is on track to reach 5 million people, as pressure grows on neighboring countries to provide them with long-term support, United Nations and European Union officials said on..
Reuters - Published

Venezuela designers turn to piracy after Adobe announces it will cut service

Venezuelans desperately explored piracy workarounds on Tuesday to continue using Adobe programs after the software developer said it will cut access to its products for the country's users, citing U.S...
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Aruba says it will require Venezuelans to obtain visa to visit

The Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba will require Venezuelans to obtain a visa to visit, its government said on Wednesday, adding to the nations that have tightened entry restrictions on the crisis-hit..
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Florida banking group pushed for sanctions exemption for ordinary Venezuelans

An industry group representing Florida banks pushed for an exemption to U.S. sanctions on Venezuela that were issued last week, executives said on Tuesday, arguing the measures had affected customers..
Reuters - Published

Venezuelans in Argentina get sense of deja vu as crisis builds

Andreina Pirrone left Venezuela for Argentina six years ago as her country was spiraling toward the worst humanitarian crisis in its history. She did not know what the future would hold, but she was..
Reuters - Published

Venezuelans in Argentina get to grips with crisis: again

Andreina Pirrone left Venezuela for Argentina six years ago as her country was spiraling towards the worst humanitarian crisis in its history. She did not know what the future would hold, but she was..
Reuters - Published

Peru to boost border security after stricter entry rule for Venezuelans

Peru plans to beef up security at its border with Ecuador to prevent illegal immigration, after stricter entry requirements for Venezuelans led to a 90% drop in legal crossings, a government official..
Reuters - Published

Slovenia to resettle Venezuelans with Slovenian ancestry

At least 47 Venezuelans with Slovenian ancestry will be resettled in Slovenia to escape the economic meltdown that has given rise to "unbearable conditions" in the South American country, a cabinet..
Reuters - Published

Violent deaths of Venezuelans in Colombia on the rise: report

An average of one Venezuelan died violently in Colombia each day in the first seven months of 2019, Colombia's forensic science institute said in a report, a trend that may worsen as immigration..
Reuters - Published

Ecuador to require visas for Venezuelan migrants: Moreno

Ecuador will require Venezuelan citizens, who until now could cross the border with a passport or other form of identification, to have a visa to enter the country, Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno..
Reuters - Published

Macaws offer feathered 'therapy' to suffering Venezuelans

Looking for an escape from the daily realities of crisis-ridden Venezuela, Carmen Gomez finds solace receiving visitors on the roof of her Caracas apartment building every morning: groups of blue and..
Reuters - Published

Colombia plans temporary work permit for undocumented Venezuelans: official

Colombia is preparing a temporary work permit for undocumented Venezuelans, part of an effort to reduce off-the-books jobs that often pay less than the minimum wage while depriving state programs of..
Reuters - Published

Number of Venezuelan migrants could double to eight million: OAS

Some 5,000 Venezuelans leave their country each day, the Organization of American States (OAS) said in a report on Friday, and the number of migrants from the oil-producing country could double to 8..
Reuters - Published

Chile offers 'democratic responsibility visa' to Venezuelan migrants

Venezuelans seeking refuge in Chile can request a "democratic responsibility visa" at any Chilean consulate in the world, and not just in their homeland where the visa has been available until now,..
Reuters - Published

About 200 mostly Venezuelan migrants stuck at Chile-Peru border

Some 200 mostly Venezuelan migrants fleeing poverty at home remained stranded on the Peru-Chile border on Thursday after being refused entry to Chile earlier this week.
Reuters - Published

As Peru tightens its border, desperate Venezuelans cling to asylum lifeline

Thousands of Venezuelans crossed into Peru despite a crackdown on migrants without passports or visas meant to stem the flood of immigration from their crisis-stricken nation, as many lacking those..
Reuters - Published

Venezuelans rush to Peru border ahead of migration crackdown

Thousands of Venezuelans rushed to Peru's northern border on Friday in hopes of entering the Andean country before it imposes tough immigration requirements at midnight, as one of the hitherto most..
Reuters - Published

Four million Venezuelans have fled crisis: U.N.

Four million Venezuelan refugees and migrants have fled an economic and political crisis in their homeland, all but 700,000 of them since the end of 2015, U.N. aid agencies said on Friday.
Reuters - Published

Peru president vows to keep deporting Venezuelans with criminal records

Peru's president on Thursday vowed to continue deporting Venezuelans with criminal records as long as necessary, part of a tougher stance toward Venezuelan migrants in the region as they continue to..
Reuters - Published