Mark Zuckerberg

American internet entrepreneur (born 1984)

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Mark Zuckerberg: American internet entrepreneur (born 1984)
Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an American business magnate, internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is known for co-founding the social media website Facebook and its parent company Meta Platforms, of which he is executive chairman, chief executive officer, and controlling shareholder.

Meta Announces Another Round of Layoffs [Video]

Meta Announces Another Round of Layoffs

Meta Announces Another , Round of Layoffs. 'The New York Times' reports that Meta has announced a planned layoff of about 10,000 employees. . The decision by the owner of Facebook and Instagram..

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This Day in History: Facebook Launches (Saturday, February 4th) [Video]

This Day in History: Facebook Launches (Saturday, February 4th)

This Day in History:, Facebook Launches. February 4, 2004. Initially called "The Facebook," the site was launched on this day by Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerberg. "The Facebook" served as a..

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Mark Zuckerberg Announces Meta to Offer Paid Verification Like Twitter

Mark Zuckerberg is going the way of Elon Musk -- and by that, we mean he's rolling out a similar subscription plan that'll allow people to be official and legit on his platforms. The Meta honcho.. - Published

All about Baba Neem Karoli, Hindu guru who is Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma, Julia Roberts, Mark Zuckerberg's inspiration

Neem Karoli Baba was a Hindu Guru and an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman. All his followers addressed him as Maharaj-ji.
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Facebook hit by election interference content '10 years before Zuckerberg acknowledged it'

facebook hit by election interference content '10 years before zuckerberg acknowledged it'
Facebook was encountering election interference content as far back as 2006, some 10 years before Mark Zuckerberg first acknowledged the issue, the platform's former head of global public policy has..
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Train wreck or visionary? Mark Zuckerberg faces a long and painful road to metaverse success

train wreck or visionary? mark zuckerberg faces a long and painful road to metaverse success
"An absolute train wreck." "One big gamble." "A long and painful road."
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Zuckerberg's metaverse bet loses billions of dollars - as analysts urge him to focus on fixing Facebook

zuckerberg's metaverse bet loses billions of dollars - as analysts urge him to focus on fixing facebook
Facebook's parent company is under growing pressure to focus less on the metaverse - as investors warn it is an experimental bet causing "supersized and terrifying losses".
Sky News - Published

Mark Zuckerberg Signed Little League Baseball Card Sells for $120k

Mark Zuckerberg's Little League "career" is worth a lot of money to some folks ... because a baseball card from when he was a kid sold at auction for six figures!!! The Facebook honcho's autographed.. - Published

Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off MMA Skills with UFC Fighter Khai Wu

Mark Zuckerberg might be the most eccentric of the tech billionaires out there ... 'cause the dude's apparently diving into mixed martial arts, with some skills to boot. The Facebook founder posted a.. - Published

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg personally sued over massive data breach scandal

facebook boss mark zuckerberg personally sued over massive data breach scandal
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is being sued by the US District of Columbia which is seeking to hold him personally liable for the Cambridge Analytica scandal that breached millions of people's..
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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg takes $29bn hit as Meta share price plunges

facebook founder mark zuckerberg takes $29bn hit as meta share price plunges
Mark Zuckerberg has seen $29bn wiped off his net worth after the share price of Meta - owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp - saw a record one-day plunge.
Sky News - Published

Facebook Loses Users For the First Time, Mark Zuckerberg Blames TikTok

Facebook went face down Thursday ... losing more than 20% of its value, and it's not only a sign TikTok is steamrolling Mark Zuckerberg's baby, but he seems to be acknowledging it. Check this out ..... - Published

Iceland tourist authorities mock Mark Zuckerberg in latest promotional video

iceland tourist authorities mock mark zuckerberg in latest promotional video
Iceland's tourism authorities have mocked Mark Zuckerberg and his new umbrella group Meta in its latest video, inviting people to enter the "Icelandverse".
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'Meta' Trademark Applicants Will Sell to Facebook For $20M

It might not be smooth sailing for Mark Zuckerberg in his quest to change Facebook's identity, because we've learned someone was already ahead of him in trying to grab the "Meta" trademark ... and.. - Published

Mark Zuckerberg says claims against Facebook are attempt to 'paint a false picture'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said recent claims against the social media giant are an attempt to "paint a false picture of our company".
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Anorexia victim's father wants to tell Facebook boss Zuckerberg 'reality of what he's done'

anorexia victim's father wants to tell facebook boss zuckerberg 'reality of what he's done'
A father who blames social media for contributing to his daughter's suicide has said he wants to speak to Mark Zuckerberg and tell him "what the reality is of what he's done".
Sky News - Published

Facebook under fresh pressure as whistleblower prepares to give evidence to MPs

facebook under fresh pressure as whistleblower prepares to give evidence to mps
A Facebook whistleblower whose claims have rocked the social media giant has launched a fresh attack on Mark Zuckerberg, accusing him of not being willing to protect public safety.
Sky News - Published

Mark Zuckerberg Denies FB Whistleblower's Claim it Puts Profits Over People

Mark Zuckerberg has sounded off on the Facebook whistleblower, saying her testimony blatantly misrepresents what his company does ... and he's listed several examples he believes prove how her.. - Published

'That's just not true': Zuckerberg denies claims Facebook prioritises profit over user safety

'that's just not true': zuckerberg denies claims facebook prioritises profit over user safety
Facebook's chief executive has denied claims that the company prioritises profit over the safety of its users.
Sky News - Published

Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen Compares FB To Tobacco, Opioids

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen just told a room full of lawmakers Mark Zuckerberg's company is just like Big Tobacco ... and she wants government oversight. Frances is testifying before Congress.. - Published

Donald Trump to sue Facebook, Google, and Twitter chiefs

donald trump to sue facebook, google, and twitter chiefs
Donald Trump, who lost the 2020 presidential election, says he is launching a class action lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and Jack Dorsey, the chief executives of Facebook, Google and..
Sky News - Published

Mark Zuckerberg Rides His Electric Surfboard & Waves Flag for the 4th

Mark Zuckerberg looks like a modern-day George Washington crossing the Delaware River -- but instead of sneaking across on a boat, he's tearing through on an e-surfboard. The Facebook honcho posted an.. - Published

Mark Zuckerberg Surfing with Ankle Bracelet That Drives Sharks Away

Mark Zuckerberg not taking any chances sharing the ocean with sharks ... because he's hooked himself up to a contraption that supposedly keeps them at bay. Mark was out on his hydrofoil surfboard in.. - Published

Facebook Panel Forcing Zuckerberg to Make Call on Trump, Kara Swisher Says

If Mark Zuckerberg thought he could dodge the big decision on whether Donald Trump gets back on Facebook, its independent panel's essentially saying not so fast, Zuck ... according to a leading tech.. - Published

Donald Trump Facebook Ban Upheld

Donald Trump's Facebook ban has been upheld, but it may not be forever. The Facebook oversight board has said the former Prez is persona non grata on its platform. Now here's the caveat ... the board.. - Published

President Trump Blocked From Facebook, Instagram Indefinitely

Mark Zuckerberg is keeping President Trump in social media timeout indefinitely ... and Trump is being muzzled at least until President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration. Zuck announced Thursday he's.. - Published