How to stream your gaming sessions

The Verge Monday, 6 April 2020
How to stream your gaming sessionsPhoto by Stefan Etienne / The Verge

*Update 3:45PM ET, April 6th:* Added a link to Streamlabs’ new OBS software for macOS, which recently launched. Also, this post has been updated to reflect that Windows Game Bar no longer allows broadcasting.

Video game streaming is something many enthusiast and casual players want to partake in, but getting a stream up and running on your preferred gaming platform can be a chore. Streaming gameplay involves sharing the games you play and your reactions in real time with a remote audience. It’s like bringing the entire internet into your game room while you’re trying to beat that last boss.

Currently, the most popular streaming platform in the world is Twitch, but there’s competition in the form of YouTube Gaming on mobile devices and...

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