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Kim And Kanye Quiz Each Other On Home Design, Family, and Life

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Kim And Kanye Quiz Each Other On Home Design, Family, and Life

Kim And Kanye Quiz Each Other On Home Design, Family, and Life

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West join AD from inside their minimalist mansion to take an illuminating personal design quiz.

Where is the best light in the house for selfies?

How would Kanye describe interior designer and frequent collaborator Axel Vervoordt?

Kim and Kanye pose thoughtful questions and give playfully insightful answers to one another, revealing not only how their taste is expressed through design, but where its functionality is influenced by their exuberant kids.


Kim And Kanye Quiz Each Other On Home Design, Family, and Life

- Okay, what habits did you changewhen we moved in together?- I stopped being lonely.- Awe.[laughing]My heart.[bright hip hop beat]Hey, I'm Kim, and that's Kanye.And we're gonna be doing our Design Quiz.Can I tell you guys a reallyquick story about this house?So, we got pregnantand then I got pregnantand then he had a housein Los Angeles, Hollywood.I had a house in Beverly Hills,they were both like not that family-ish.So we were going on awalk one day and I saidthis was my dream home, this house here.And so he said, "I like it."And to him, I like it waslike, oh my God, he loves it.'Cause he doesn't really like anything.- That's my specialty, not liking stuff.- So I knew that it was gonna beour dream home and that hewas gonna fully re-do itand it was gonna be likable.What's the one thing you would get rid ofif I wasn't around and why?Okay, I'll tell you what I think.I think it would be--- The TV station that shows Dateline.- Really?But I love it, it like brings me calmnessat the end of my day.- What would I get rid of?- Rick and Morty, you think we can handleRick and Morty every single night?- Well, it's been two yearssince the new season started.- Really?- Yeah.- I didn't know that,we caught up last night.- I mean, Axel's stillworking on our next project.We have these new designs we've been doingwith James Turrell andClaudio Silvestrin and Axel,so we'll be in the same rooms.- His mind is always onto the next.But I think if you wereto get rid of one thingyou would definitely get ridof just stuff in my closet.I feel like you think I'ma hoarder in my closet.If our house had a soundtrack,what would it be and why?I mean, I think Jesus Is King,'cause that's just the vibe right now,and that's the soundtrack right now.- Yeah, hallelujah, hallelujah.- Yeah, the kids love singing that.What would you say?- We always talk aboutWolves when see the hallway,simple like [imitating song melody].With my auto tune.- [Kim] So just that one song.- What room has thebest light for selfies?- Ooh.- She's like oh that wasthe first thing I said.Ooh, finally.- I would honestly say the theater.Because I like a dark roomand I like to use a flash,with a dark room.- When's the last time you used the pool?- I've never used our pool actually.- What?- Yeah, can you believe that?But I love our pool.You know we don't even have a jacuzzi?- Can you believe that?Can you believe we don't have a jacuzzi?- We just made sure thatit's hot all the time.'Cause Kanye wanted, likeeveryone wanted a jacuzzilike weird off to the sideand we just wanted likea really long front stairwhich has been amazing.'Cause all the babiesjust sit on that stairand like all the cousins come over.- You said I wanted a jacuzziweird off to the side?- No I wanted a jacuzzi.- Oh okay.That's like we had in the other house.- And then everyone kept on designing themoff to the side and itbothered you so much.But the kids love to swim in a jacuzzi.But so you said no, thewhole pool will be a jacuzzi,just make it really warm likethe whole pool all the time.We built this really long stair,and it's not the deepestpool so the kids love it.What three words would you useto describe Axel Vervoordt?- Bald.- Him himself?Or like his designs?- Oh yeah.I would say Axel's designstyle is wabi-sabi.- That's two words.- Yeah so I only have to use one more.Yeah so and, wabi and sabi.That's three words.- That is not what I would've guessed.Here's what I think you would've said.Three words.Ugh I could do it in four.I would think Kanye would say,"Greatest of all time."- Aw that's nice.- Yeah you wish you did that.What was your favorite thingthat you and Axel designed together?- I'd say this hallway.Just takin' this hallway that you lovewhen you found this houseand with me and Axelwe pushed it to minimize it and makeit as strong as possibleand as simple as possible.What is your favoritething about the bathroom?I would think that youwould say taking selfies.- That's true.- In the bathroom.Yes.- That's so true.The lighting in the bathroom is so goodthat it like smooths out all cellulite.We have this light panel that we saw,I think we saw it at like the Chanel storeor something and the wholeceiling was this light.And we did it, it's so cool.The whole ceiling is just one giant light.But it like smooths out everythingand so I start my dayoff getting in the showerfeeling so good about myselfthinking like oh my god I reallylike I've been working outso hard my cellulite's going away.And then I just go in the closet laterto get dressed and I realizedit was just the lighting.- We need that kindalighting for the closet.- Everyone's eyes needthat kinda lighting.- [Producer] Do you guysstill have that infamous sink?- Yes, we still have thatsink that everyone is like,"How does this sink work?"How does this exist?"- Yeah we're designin' some new sinks now,but Claudio worked on that sink.He's the one that said,"Pull it back from the wall."And it has a more zen type of feelin'.- Yeah the sink was up against the walland that was the big debate.And so I was like well if I do make makeupis it gonna be weird 'cause I'm so usedto having it up against the wall?But then I just have way more mirror.So it's amazing.What room are you most proud of?Okay wait, I'm gonna answer.I feel like you're mostproud of your closet.[laughs]- Why is that?- Because he completely took awaythe bars in the closet and youhave like a whole new systemfor how you like to fold your clothesand how you like to organize your clothes.It gives me full anxiety.'Cause then you have to steam itinstead of it just being hung.- I can see all my clothes inthe closet at the same time.I just have 'em on uline racks.- So is that your favorite room?- It's not very Axel.I would say my favorite room would bethe in inside of that Anish Kapoor.I stare inside of that and saywe need to live inside of one of these.Like a huge Kapoor.- Yeah, okay, I was wrong.- The bathroom is one ofmy favorite rooms also.Because of the way, itsthe one that's most similarto the concept of ourhouses in the future.Even though it's square and the otherhouses are more organic.But I love how the wholeside of the bathroomis just blown out.And that was Kris' idea, she was like,"You guys need a bigger bathroom."I was like oh a bigger bathroom?And then it's like wehave that huge bathroom.- That pushed our projectback by like eight months.We had to continue to live with my momfor like eight month.- Thanks a lot Kris.- Thanks a lot mom.- [Kris] You're welcome.[chuckles]- You know it's somethin' me and Kimalways had in common with our housesis we never had a lot of garish colors.We both always had housesthat were this tone.- What I love about havingsuch a minimal house,I don't think I started off so minimal.But after being with youI became way more minimal.Like there would be too much clutterand I wouldn't be ableto get as much done.I really believe if I had somuch more stuff everywhere.For me, it's like how I organizeand how I get things done.I know where every last thing is,there's a place foreverything even if it's hiddenin the wall in a cabinetthat you can't see.We do have a lot of stuff.- Well that's the nextfrontier for the closetsto be like an outright store,because if you go to astore you see everythingthat is for sale so the closet the scaleprobably has to be bigger.So that everything can be visible.But still laid out in a really nice way.Because that lowers anxietyjust knowin' where your stuff is.- Like more minimal?- Yeah more minimal, more chill.- Our lives are so hectic, and so crazy,and there's always so much going onthat I love to comehome to full simplicityand just lay in bed and just chi--Like it's so calming to me.Okay, what was the inspirationbehind the design of our house?[North yells]We're in the middle of an interview.- North is the inspiration for the design.- You were an inspirationfor the design of our house.We're in the middle of doing an interview.- [Kim] Kay will you be my card holder?Actually--- [North] No I'm looking.- Okay go sit on that couch right thereand you could watch us.- [North] No this is a good couch.- No, no, no.Oh you're there in the middle?- [North] This is really good.- You're in the middle of our shot, okay.What was the inspirationbehind the design of our house?- [North] I don't know.- I'm not asking you thequestion I'm asking dad.- Well yeah, the kids.Like say in athe backyardthere are all these stairsand we wanted the kids,or we needed the kids to be ableto ride their scootersor skateboards aroundand not have to stop at the stairs.As many places as I couldtake the stairs out I did.Like I'll sit--- I'm a kid.- Yes, that's why you're the inspiration.Kids are the inspirationfor all of our designs now,movin' forward.This is like a interim between--- Can we get the bumpy stairs?- That's what I'm sayin'.- Where like the bumps--- Bumpy everything.- What's your favorite thingto do with the kids at home?What's your favoritething to do at this house?- [North] I like to do--- Dance competitions in the hallway?- Gymnastics.And cartwheels.Dance competition, playthe piano, do my violin.- In the summer you love to swim.- And I like to find animalsand huuuuuugecrystals.- Really there's that big of crystals?- There's some that big,there's some bigger than dad.- Wow.- There's some little, little, little,little, little miniature--- Hey where's Hayden?- Hayden?Hayden?- What is the most prizedpossession in the house?- You.- Awe, thank you.I was gonna say that.I'm just kidding.- Now do it again then say me.- Who's your favorite house guest?- Dave Chappelle.- That's what I was gonna say.Dave Chappelle.I love when Dave comes over.- But he ain't gon' puthis feet on our couch,let me tell you that.- All right thanks AD, forjoining us in our living room.What do you even call this room?I always get so confused, living room?- Yeah, but we don't reallylive in here that much.Thanks AD for doin' theDesign Quiz with Kimye.

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