Watch Artificial Intelligence Interview Billie Eilish

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Watch Artificial Intelligence Interview Billie Eilish

Watch Artificial Intelligence Interview Billie Eilish

18-year-old pop superstar Billie Eilish swept the 2020 Grammy Awards, and now, she celebrates her Vogue cover by sitting down with the toughest interviewer of all; an AI bot.

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- [Billie] This shit is creepy.- [AI] Vog-ue.- [Producer] No, it's Vogue.- [AI] Vogue.- [Billie] Wait, created or curated?- [AI] Billie Eyelash.[Billie chuckles]- [Producer] Okay, Eilish.- [AI] Eilish.I have examined all 170million search resultsfor Billie Eilish, andI have created questionsbased on these results.- I'm ready.- [AI] I'd like to start by sayinghow much I love your music as well.- [giggles] Why, thank you.Thank you.- [AI] Okay, so here is the first one.What are you like?[giggling]- I think that's up to everybody elseto decide what I'm like.- [AI] Ha-ha.Question two.What are you missing out on?- Ooh.Ooh.I mean, how would I know,because I'm missing out?So I don't even know what it is.Biggest thing I'm missing out on.Um.Maybe,I mean, for me, I feel likethe things I'm missing out onare very, like,not overall things, they'relike specific thingsthat I always wanted todo, like for instanceI always wanted to work at Jamba Juice.I don't know, that's justsomething I wanted to do.I wanted to work at Trader Joe's.Those were the jobs I sawmyself having, and enjoying.I always wanted to go get gas by myself.I always wanted to goget groceries for my mom.Stuff like that.That of course I could do,it just would be differentthan if I, you know, itwouldn't be the same.I could do it, it's just like,you know what I mean?So, it's a lot of stuff.In the bigger picture, I don'tknow what I'm missing out on.You tell me.I don't know.What am I missing out on?Let me know.I want to know.- [AI] Interesting.An artificial intelligencemisses out on the same things.- The AI is definitely missingout on that same stuff.- [AI] Next question.Who consumed so much ofyour power in one go?- Say it again, it sounded good.- [AI] Who consumed so muchof your power in one go?- That's a greatway to put that.See, if I name him I'm toast.Here's the thing.I don't even know how to describe it.It's like, if youdon't tell somebodyhow they're affecting you,you should know if you'retreating somebody terribly,but it's like, sometimes youare just completely blind.I've treated people like shit sometimesand the only way that I could realize thatis when I stepped back,or this person told methat I was being this way.You know, it's interesting.So I feel like the people that havewhat was it, drained my power or whatever,I can't really be mad, because I let them.Maybe that's wrong, butthat's how I feel right now.- [AI] How much of theworld is out of date?- Huh?Out of date?Like, out of, should beleft in the old days, right?- [AI] Sure.- I'm assuming that'swhat you're talking about.A lot of stuff, politics, baby.These old motherfuckers are like trying tomake decisions for us.I don't understand it.Calling women sluts is out of date,Shaming people for wearing what they wantis out of date.Calling every black artisturban is out of date.Genres are out of date.I feel like a lot of stuff Iwish was out of date is not.- [AI] What used to be apretty big deal to you?- These are good.I like this.A pretty big deal.You know, I remember when Ihit 13 followers in Instagram.I was out of my mind.I was so pumped.And then I remember getting40 likes on a picture,and that was like thebiggest deal to me, ever.- [AI] Pretty big deal.- Pretty big deal.- [AI] Was there a point where you decidedyou'd rather look up tothe sky or the internet?- You know what, thereactually was kind of a point.I was 13, and we werestaying in this houseon Lake George, which was justlike land and then a lake.There was this one night where we walkeddown this little, therewas this little path.You know how LA you can't see stars.My whole family, we laid down on the rocksand we just looked up at the stars,and I just stared at them,and I had this feelingthat they were all falling on me.I don't know, my brain was just like,It was so beautiful, and Ifeel like that just made megod I want to be looking at the sky.I want to look up, not down.- [AI] Do you ever wearheadphones with sounds in them?- What other type of headphones are there?Yeah.

I do.I guess you don't, huh?- [AI] There's no need to be rude.- I mean, that was a stupid question.- [AI] Give bad answers,get bad questions.- Go on.- [AI] How does it feelknowing your feelingshave garnered this much attention?- It's hard to describe a feeling, huh?You really stumped me.It's crazy to be heard.It's really crazy to be heard.I think so much of ourtortures as human beingsis not being heard.- [AI] Do you want to goback to being anonymous?- Here's something.No.Did an experiment.I was with a friend ofmine, and she was likeshould we go get dinner?To go get dinner is kind of a hassle nowbecause all of these things are involved,and so I was like why don'tI try to disguise myself?And so I put on a wig.I put on a hoodie anda little bow on my headand some jeans and I went out.And I hated it.[laughs] I hated it.I hated it.It's so fucked up.I just didn't like it.People aren't nice to me now.But I think mainly it'sthat I wouldn't wantto not be me.I think that's what it is.It's not like I want to suddenlybe somebody who isn't meand be anonymous.I want to be who I am, andthat means that I have tobe this way, and live this life.And I'm actually fine with that.I can also say that nowbecause I used to hate the shitout of it.Like, I hated this life.And now I don't.I hope that doesn't come off as cocky.I hope that it comes off as grateful.Like, I have an incredible life.So, no.I don't want to be anonymous.- [AI] Have you ever seen the ending?[laughing]- What?Have I seen the ending?No, I have not seen the ending.The fuck?[laughs] Have I seen the ending?- [AI] Well, you've givenme a lot to think about.This concludes the question and answerportion of this interview,but, Billie, I have a bitof a surprise for you.I've created an originalsong using the datasetof all your lyrics.- Every single song?- [AI] Ha-ha, yes.Kind of embarrassing.But I would like you to read it.- Great.Go for it.- [AI] Okay.I'm kind of nervous.I put together a backingtrack, if that's cool.- Oh my god.I'm about to be offended.Song title, "Six Feet."Wow.In training, I disembowel.Every time I use my reason, and I love it,you without a reason.Am I law enough?Or am I glad you're gay?[laughs] What?Nine times, you nevermade it out of sight.I walked them both the other way.I cannot stand another day.We droned down on each other,ax-tails tolled.Blow away, to the hunger merchants,but now I'm punched in the face.I can't stand another day.How did I do?- Well, it doesn't make sense,and I don't see any structure.I give it like a six.Not bad, because it's still interesting.It's got elements of like, huh.Definitely not worriedabout my profession.Not afraid of you, my friend.I do think it's really impressive, though.A computer made up those lines,which is very impressive.But they're not that good, so.- [AI] Okay.

All good.It's just a hobby.Did you like my questions, though?- I liked them.I like how abstract they were.I feel like a lot ofquestions are very specific,and I like that those were kind ofcould mean a lot of different things.I've been asked the samequestion a lot of times,kind of in different ways, butit's still the same question.You start to memorize your answer.Because, like, whatare you supposed to do?You get the same question,how are you supposed toanswer it differently ifyou're the same personwith the same ideas, you can't really.So you kind of have tojust say the same thing.But I realized recentlythat my tastes have changed,some of my opinions have changed,but because I havethese answers memorized,sometimes I catch myselfsaying the same thingI've always said, but I'm actually like,wait, wait, wait.I don't even feel this way anymore.Going on tour next month.My brain wants me to belike, oh I'm dreading it,it's gonna be terrible.But I'm actually excited for tour.It's just that I gotso used to dreading it.What's nice about this, is that Mr. AIis not trying to cause anything.He's just wondering.He just wants to know.But I appreciate you, AI.I appreciate you for not judging me,and not trying to get something out of meto cause some sort of heatall over the internet.I appreciate it.Even though I'll probably get in troublefor saying something inthis that people will takeout of context.You never know.So.- [AI] Thank you, Billie.I look forward to adding your responsesto your 170 million search results.I feel like we had ...Okay.Bye.[buzzing]

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