Playful puppy is very proud of her new pajamas

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Playful puppy is very proud of her new pajamas

Playful puppy is very proud of her new pajamas

The only thing cuter than puppies is golden retriever puppies in new pajamas.

This is Charlotte and she is eight weeks old.

This is a big celebration for Charlotte and for the rest of her brothers and sisters because today is the day that she will be going to her forever family.

Charlotte was born at a wonderful breeding facility called As Good As Gold, near Peterborough, Ontario.

They take puppy production very seriously with excellent veterinary care, the best nutrition available, and loving care from a family that adores dogs like nobody else.

By the time these pups are ready to go to their new families, they have been checked thoroughly and they have had all the shots and treatments needed to give them the best start possible.

The puppies have also been treated with love and affection, as the parents are, so they will all be expecting nothing but adoration when they get to their homes.

Charlotte and her siblings are having a little puppy party to celebrate their exciting new start, and also to say goodbye, as they will be sorely missed.

The party involves treats, extra love, playtime, a little swimming pool, and a new set of pajamas for each puppy.

The pajamas make a golden retriever just a little cuter than ever.

Charlotte approaches everything with enthusiasm and when she sees the camera pointed at her, she wants to head over and check it out.

She bounces happily in front of this curious new object.

But Charlotte is adorably clumsy and she rolls and tumbles as she tries to run, scratch, and play.

Their tails constantly wagging, these puppies are the perfect example of happiness.

When selecting a puppy, a little care goes a long way.

Ethical breeders will happily provide health details and also a reference from their veterinarian.

They will provide references from satisfied customers, and they will enthusiastically show their facilities and the parents that produced the pups.

Any hesitation in these areas might be an indication of a puppy mill, or at least an issue worth investigating.

Supporting the breeders who treat their animals well is the best way to ensure that cruelty and abuse does not continue.

It's also the best way to get a healthy and happy best friend for your family!

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