Anti-Galloway political ad quotes St. Joseph mayor

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Anti-Galloway political ad quotes St. Joseph mayor

Anti-Galloway political ad quotes St. Joseph mayor

A political ad released by the Missouri Republican party via Facebook paints Galloway as an extremist while using a quote from the mayor made at a recent democratic rally.

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A political ad attacking a candidate in missouri's governor's race is putting a spotlight on st.

Joseph's mayor... the ad attacks democratic state auditor nicole galloway and references remarks made by mayor bill mcmurray at a rally last month in st.

Joseph... kq2's ron johnson joins us in studio with tonight's top story... alan, the 51 second ad released by the missouri republican party through their facebook page references that controversial comment the mayor made at that rally.

It was used against both mcmurray and the democratic nominee for governer nicole galloway.

<<ron johnson reporting missouri's republican party released a negative campaign ad against democratic nominee nicole galloway, and she isn't the only one in it some may recognizeshe headlined a rally where a democrat mayor called for republicans to be shot like outlaw jesse james.

I'd like to end some of the modern-day jesse james' or in that other political off the cuff comment made by mayor bill mcmurray at a recent democratic rally was referenced in the ad.though he's since apologized for the comment saying it was never meant to be taken seriously, the republican party's ad still used it in an attempt to paint galloway and anyone she hangs around as an extremist.

The move by the republican party wasn't a surprise to local educators in the field of political science negative ads are going to elicit greater turnout you always have to be careful about how things are going to be framed and we know both sides want to try to frame the other side in a particular light, they're going to try to highlight the negative.

Northwest missouri state university professor bronson herrera says it's important everyone understands how easily twisted, whether or not for office.

Speech matters and it's obviously very difficult especially when someone wants to scrutinize everything you say.

Maybe you need to be even more when you're not on the campaign trail, because at that time you're not thinking about it as much and so something might come out that you really don't mean.

Herrera says the less political parties have to use against each other the more time they can use to focus on issues perhaps it would be nice if we didn't nitpick on bad moments and instead we should focus on the general message of the politician.>> the mayor declined to comment to the ad, we also reached out to galloway's campaign and have not yet heard a response.

Live in the studio ron johnson kq2 news.

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