Tired Of Trump, Rupert Murdoch Quietly Predicts A Landslide Win For Biden

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Tired Of Trump, Rupert Murdoch Quietly Predicts A Landslide Win For Biden

Tired Of Trump, Rupert Murdoch Quietly Predicts A Landslide Win For Biden

Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News, has confided to those close to him that he believes President Donald Trump is bound to lose against Joe Biden.

Business Insider reports that Fox News owner believes the president has utterly mismanaged the coronavirus crisis.

Nevertheless, Murdoch's publications continue to consistently back Trump.

The tabloid The New York Post last week published an attack piece on Joe Biden.

At the start of Trump's White House bid, Murdoch publicly called him 'an embarrassment.'

But as Trump's star rose, the network did an abrupt 180 and began to fawn, to the point that Fox TV pundit Sean Hannity became Trump's informal adviser.

But privately, the media mogul is beginning to tire of Trump, who has phoned to complain about negative coverage of his administration on Fox News.

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