Fun In Alabama Snow

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Fun In Alabama Snow

Fun In Alabama Snow

Monday was a true blue snow day for North Alabama, and for the Baldwin Family, and other families at home, that meant snowballs, snowmen, and more wintery fun.

Viewers who got to stay at home have shared their snow pictures with us all day.

And many of them included kids enjoying their snow day!

4 year old adalyn got to be elsa for the day.

While the naylor family built a snow man and even have a friendly snow ball fight.

Waay 31's grace campbell joins us now.

She's live in athens and grace what do you have there next to you?

Dan, najahe-meet olaf!

This is the snowman i made with the baldwin family!

Leanna baldwin told me it's been an amazing day filled with snowball fights and making snow angels with her kids.

> leanna baldwin, mother: 14 sec "it was really exciting, we don't get much of this in north alabama.

So, just seeing it, waking them up, seeing them so excited, it gets everybody excited.

Who doesn't like to play in snow that we don't have very often?"

Leanna's son, grantlan, says it's been a day full of playing in the snow and they let me take part in some of the fun!

Grantlan baldwin, son: 11 sec "we've been making snowmen, jumping on the trampoline and we've been throwing snowballs at each other."

Grantlan's seen a snowfall before but it's the first one for gabriella!

Leanna baldwin, mother: 12 sec "we couldn't wait to get out, teach her how to throw a snowball, build snowmen, snow angels, she loved jumping on the trampoline watching the snow fly up, fall back down.

It was just really exciting getting to see her so excited, the kids were happy to have this snow day and leanna was happy to experience it with them leanna baldwin, mother: 7 sec "we love family bonding, we always look for more ways to do something as a family and this today, it couldn't get any better."

The baldwin family hopes to have more snow days this winter so they can build more snowmen and improve their snowball fighting skills!

Live in athens, grace campbell, waay 31 news.

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