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Trash or Treasure with Dr. Lori | Morning BlendTrash or Treasure with Dr. Lori

With us to of course talka praising antiques and alwe like to call dumpster oback Dr Laurie, How are yofine.

You know, it's wondeidea about getting back tochannel.

I just did a videwhen your souvenir shoppinof valuable.

Yeah, so it ftravel theme too.

But todaabout, what's the stuff ththinking about ditching?

Dyou keep it?

We're gonna psee if Natalie and I can gUh Okay, so we're gonna sta presidential campaign bucourse from bobby Kennedy'remember he was on the camof 1968 when he was assassvote for our next presidenSo this piece dates to abothat 1968 campaign.

It isand of course it's a pin bdo you think it's worth?

Tor no dumpster, more or leladies.

No dumpster, no duyou know, with the historibehind this and what it reway that he was assassinatno dumpster as well.

Yeah,a no dumpster right on thethe $50 number.

So yeah, yit would increase in valuepresidential election yearsay if we were in an electwould go for more.

And becmonth of june, we also seea spike every june.

So witknow, we were talking abouand I know there's alwayslike voting like should weI mean, Yeah, you know, alot of people keep politicwhen it's a little bit moryou have of course a deathis the anniversary of thenext year will be the anniDiana's death, 25 years.

Ssee some of the things thago up in value.

Been telliuntil next year to sell thgo up in value.

Um so youbut with this particular ejust on just on the line.yeah, hold on to them, butto sell, you know, are impgive those of course on ontoo.

So always tune in forSo let's get on to the nexAdam # two, Yeah.


Welike this.

This is excitinis a green upholstered chayou notice how long, I meavisual illusion, how longthe back to of course whergo.

You know, I mean somebor Shaquille O'neal, who'sknow, who basically if he'might be pretty comfortablreally long legs.

So, notiseat is, that helps to idefrom the 19 sixties chairschair upright.

They were sform in the 1960s.

Um theyof there still classical,looking.

Not really mid-cebut from the 1960s.

So it'longer, very, sort of if you if youup with your bend your kneyour feet underneath yourreading a book, they're gothinking for my kids, theychase lounge for them.

I msize, you know, or shock bI mean, he could actuallybe perfect on that chair.know, Laurie, I'm going tohold on to that if you havOf course, because, you knthe mid century modern furback and with that havinga different look.

It's notvibe with trim, but the faand it's not of that era.Good condition.


I thdefinitely worth more thanare just like furniture, onot worth anything, but fuhold its value.

And furnitway that you like to haveof color, that different sthe interior kind of lookThat's a nice one.

Thanksone in.

Okay, last night,is an asian soapstone vaseof soapstone material andthere's there's actually oand two other vases at theflower forms are sculptedin the front, on the body.other side.

So you could pa wall and have sort of thput flowers in it, have thback, drop the wall actinga really kind of dramaticuh feel when you have flowSo small, like I feel likecouple or is that just themean there's three individback.

So you see one at thkind of school, they're pracross for each opening tionly get nine inches worthin there.

Yeah, so dates tof the 1900 it's about thithat wife, I'm gonna holdYou know, I have a lot ofwhat I go to.

So again, Ispot for it, you know, inright here.

So I would saywhen you send it in.

We caI think it wouldn't be aboof my take.

I mean it's decan't remember seeing anytmany of those are out likeare out there for me.

I seevery one of my events.


I see one a day.Okay.


I would hold owhat I like.

But I'm goingit's worth $50.

So what dodumpster?

Does that Turkeyif it's $50 I think it haskind of had a half. know what dr Laurie?

WHalf wrong when it comes tIt is always right.

We appThere's the website on howabout your antiques at homdr lori for yourself.


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