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U.S. federal law enforcement agency

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United States Secret Service: U.S. federal law enforcement agency
The United States Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency under the Department of Homeland Security charged with conducting criminal investigations and protecting U.S. political leaders, their families, and visiting heads of state or government. Until 2003, the Secret Service was part of the Department of the Treasury, as the agency was founded in 1865 to combat the then-widespread counterfeiting of U.S. currency. President Abraham Lincoln signed the legislation on April 14, 1865, just a few hours before he was assassinated. In 1901, the Secret Service was also assigned to presidential protection duties.

US News: Driver rams car into White House Gate, dies | Probe launched | Oneindia News [Video]

US News: Driver rams car into White House Gate, dies | Probe launched | Oneindia News

A driver died after crashing a car into the exterior gate of the White House late Saturday, the US Secret Service said. "Shortly before 10:30 pm a vehicle travelling at a high speed collided with an..

Credit: Oneindia     Duration: 02:00Published

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Car Smashes White House Barrier, Driver Killed

The Secret Service is investigating a fatal crash -- a car slamming into a White House barrier sent agents and D.C. police scrambling. The action went down late Saturday night, around 10:45, as a.. - Published

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Kamala Harris' Secret Service team faced a violent threat this week, having to defend one of their agents ... from one of their own!!! Secret Service representative Anthony Guglielmi tells TMZ ... at.. - Published

Joe Biden's dog has bitten US Secret Service agents at least 24 times

Joe Biden's dog has bitten United States Secret Service (USSS) personnel at least 24 times, according to newly-released internal documents.
Sky News - Published

President Biden's Dog Commander Bit Secret Service Agents On 24 Occasions

More insight on the biting problems with President Biden's family dog Commander ... the German Shepherd bit Secret Service agents on at least two dozen occasions. Commander is no longer living with the.. - Published

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Secret Service Investigating 'Dukes' Star John Schneider After Call for Biden's Execution

"Dukes of Hazard" star John Schneider's Twitter fingers just landed him in a whole lot of trouble ... his recent call for President Biden's execution has now caught the attention of the US Secret.. - Published

'Dukes of Hazzard' Star John Schneider Makes Death Threat Against President Biden

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President Biden's Motorcade Rammed By Driver, Secret Service Swoops In

Part of President Joe Biden's motorcade was involved in a crash, with things so scary the Secret Service thought there was a threat to POTUS' life ... and they moved in quick. The dramatic moment was.. - Published

Donald Trump May Join Next Republican Debate, Secret Service Involved

Donald Trump may be thinking about going head-to-head with the other Republicans who are challenging him for the presidential nomination because we've learned the Secret Service has already scoped out.. - Published

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. doesn't have the Secret Service protecting him, as he would like, so he's running to a judge for help after a guy twice tried to unlawfully enter his home. The 2024 presidential.. - Published

Cheryl Hines Says Home Intruder Shows RFK Jr. Needs Secret Service Protection

Cheryl Hines says The White House can no longer avoid husband Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s need for Secret Service protection ... not in the wake of 2 scary incidents at their home. The actress and comedian.. - Published

Biden's Dog Commander Isn't Getting Proper Training, Says Former WH Trainer

If President Biden's dog Commander, AKA the White House biter, really is getting training -- as the administration's claimed -- he's been getting the wrong kind ... that's according to a former Secret.. - Published

Biden's German Shepherd Commander Bites Another Secret Service Agent

President Biden has a biter on his hands ... his dog, Commander, has struck yet again ... possibly the 11th victim. Commander is reported to have chomped down on another Secret Service agent Monday ..... - Published

JFK Secret Service Agent Refutes Magic Bullet Assassination Theory

One of John F. Kennedy's Secret Service agents -- who was with him in the car that day -- says the famed magic bullet theory doesn't quite add up ... based on what he remembers. Paul Landis shared his.. - Published

Erika Jayne Sued by Designer Over Claims of Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

Erika Jayne used Secret Service agents and American Express to extort money from a Hollywood designer, ruining his life and career in the process ... so says a new lawsuit. The 'Real Housewives of.. - Published

Cheryl Hines Wants Secret Service for RFK Jr.'s Campaign, DHS Already Denied Him

Cheryl Hines fears for her husband Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s safety while he's on the presidential campaign trail -- and she's imploring President Biden to make an exception and grant him Secret Service.. - Published

Biden's Biting Dog Commander Can Be Re-trained, Says Former Secret Service Agent

President Biden's dog Commander doesn't have to be a recidivist biter ... a former Secret Service agent -- who's trained other White House pups -- says the pup can be trained to stop sinking his teeth.. - Published

President Biden's Dog Commander Allegedly Bit 7 People

President Biden's pooch Commander is not some sweet, loving pet, but rather a complete menace to society. Commander -- a two-year-old German shepherd -- went on a four-month rampage, biting SEVEN.. - Published

White House Cocaine Case Closed, Secret Service Can't ID Suspect

Whoever left their coke in the White House can smile ... they're not gonna get busted for it, because the Secret Service has no video evidence to nail a suspect. The Secret Service says it closed its.. - Published

Cocaine Possibly Found In White House

Cocaine may have been found inside the White House this weekend -- and it appears to have been discovered in an area where President Biden frequents a lot on the job. The Secret Service says it.. - Published

U-Haul Driver With Nazi Flag Crashed Into Barricade Near White House

The White House almost got an unwanted visitor Monday night ... a U-Haul driver carrying a Nazi flag careened into security barriers right across the street from where President Joe Biden sleeps... - Published

Toddler enters White House grounds triggering Secret Service security alert

toddler enters white house grounds triggering secret service security alert
A curious toddler has become the tiniest intruder to ever breach the perimeter of the White House after squeezing through a metal fence.
Sky News - Published

US vice president in car accident which Secret Service initially described as 'mechanical failure'

us vice president in car accident which secret service initially described as 'mechanical failure'
US vice president Kamala Harris was involved in a car accident that was initially reported to Secret Service chiefs as a "mechanical failure" - though the vehicle hit a kerb and she was transferred to..
Sky News - Published

Donald Trump Fought Secret Service to Lead Rioters to Capitol

Donald Trump was not only in on the January 6th insurrection, he wanted to lead the insurrectionists to the Capitol, and when the Secret Service refused to drive him there, Trump tried to grab the.. - Published

'I'm the effing president': White House aide describes Trump's anger at Secret Service on January 6th

Donald Trump tried to grab the steering wheel from a US Secret Service agent when told he would not be taken to the US Capitol during the riots, a former White House aide told the January 6th hearing.
Sky News - Published

Protester Tackled by Cops, Shouted at POTUS' L.A. Motorcade

A woman armed with a bullhorn got dangerously close to President Biden's motorcade until cops and Secret Service agents took her down ... HARD!!! The protester marched right into the closed L.A. street.. - Published

Bulletproof Backpack Sales Spike in Wake of Texas School Shooting

Parents are doing anything to keep their kids safe on the heels of another school mass shooting -- and that means an all-new run on bulletproof backpacks. Former Secret Service agent, Mike De Geus, is.. - Published

White House Downplayed Dog Bites Involving Major, Secret Service Pissed

President Biden's dog, Major, was involved in a "minor" biting incident -- so claimed the White House -- but some angry Secret Service agents are calling BS. You'll recall, Press Secretary Jen Psaki.. - Published

Jill Biden's Secret Service Detail Offered Gifts from Alleged Fake Feds

Members of Jill Biden's security detail are under investigation after they were offered lavish gifts from 2 men allegedly posing as federal agents ... and prosecutors say those gifts included firearms.. - Published

VP Kamala Harris' Husband Evacuated Due to Bomb Threat at High School

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff is getting an up-close look at his Secret Service agents in crunch time -- a bomb threat in Washington D.C. forced them to whisk VP Kamala Harris' husband to safety... - Published

Hunter Biden Renting in Malibu with Secret Service in Tow

Hunter Biden has made a big move ... to a Southern California beach town riddled with celebs ... aka Malibu -- TMZ has learned. Biden is renting a 3,000 square foot, 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath home about a.. - Published