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Qtum Price Surges by 12% as Trading Volume Nearly Doubles

qtum price surges by 12% as trading volume nearly doubles
It is a pretty good Saturday afternoon and early evening for most cryptocurrencies. While that is a good reason to be rather optimistic, one also has to keep in mind not all markets evolve in the same..
The Merkle - Published

Ethereum Price Goes on a Tear Ahead of Constantinople Fork

ethereum price goes on a tear ahead of constantinople fork
There is a lot of intriguing crypto market momentum taking place right now. While nearly all top markets are in the green again, few of them are as bullish as Ethereum. Right now, it seems the Ethereum..
The Merkle - Published

Videos for Cryptocurrencies

The Blacklist S06E10 Promo -The Cryptobanker [Video]The Blacklist S06E10 Promo -The Cryptobanker

The Blacklist 6x10 "The Cryptobanker" Season 6 Episode 10 Promo - The Task Force delves into the unregulated world of cryptocurrency in order to stop an impending attack, while Red (James Spader)..

Credit:     Duration: 00:15Published

Effects of U.S. sanctions on Venezuela [Video]Effects of U.S. sanctions on Venezuela

Years of U.S. Sanctions on Venezuela are contributing to the humanitarian crisis.

Credit: Reuters - 3D Animations (Next Me     Duration: 01:47Published

FBI looking for investors who lost money in cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme [Video]FBI looking for investors who lost money in cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme

The FBI is investigating a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme involving Bitconnect Coin that caused investors to lose nearly $3 billion when the currency shut down in January 2018.

Credit: Rumble     Duration: 02:10Published

Future Shock: Sirin Labs Finney Review [Video]Future Shock: Sirin Labs Finney Review

The Sirin Labs Finney phone is designed to make managing, storing, and using cryptocurrency on your smartphone a simple and secure activity.

Credit: Digital Trends     Duration: 13:33Published

World of banking and cryptocurrencies collide [Video]World of banking and cryptocurrencies collide

With the value of cryptocurrencies last year rising to more than half a trillion US dollars, the FT's Martin Arnold explains how the finance sector is trying to respond to the rise of..

Credit: Financial Times     Duration: 02:02Published

Trump would probably replace Yellen, Canadian wildfire airlifts | FirstFT [Video]Trump would probably replace Yellen, Canadian wildfire airlifts | FirstFT

► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: Vanessa Kortekaas has Friday’s top stories from around the world, with Donald Trump saying he would probably replace the..

Credit: Financial Times     Duration: 01:12Published

Jay-Z’s Tidal Wave, M&A’s Fastest Start | FirstFT [Video]Jay-Z’s Tidal Wave, M&A’s Fastest Start | FirstFT

► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: Daniel Garrahan provides Tuesday’s top stories. Global dealmaking is off to its fastest start since 2007, Silk Road..

Credit: Financial Times     Duration: 01:07Published

JP Morgan to launch first bank-backed cryptocurrency [Video]JP Morgan to launch first bank-backed cryptocurrency

JP Morgan is creating its own cryptocurrency, and is becoming the first major U.S. bank to do so.

Credit: Reuters - 3D Animations (Next Me     Duration: 00:57Published

JPMorgan Finds Business Case for Blockchain in Payments [Video]JPMorgan Finds Business Case for Blockchain in Payments

While nearly every mid- to large-sized bank rushed to announce blockchain trials and experiments three years ago — only to conclude that they couldn’t find a useful application for the emerging..

Credit: Cheddar Inc.     Duration: 04:02Published

Digital Trends Live - 2.15.19 - Samsung Accidentally Shows Off All New Wearables [Video]Digital Trends Live - 2.15.19 - Samsung Accidentally Shows Off All New Wearables

On today's episode: Samsung accidentally uploaded images of all of its new wearables to Android APK, JP Morgan launches first bank-backed cryptocurrency, original Mario NES game sold for over $100K,..

Credit: Digital TrendsPublished

This 3D printed robot taught itself to ice skate [Video]This 3D printed robot taught itself to ice skate

Ice skating is just one of this robot's many talents.

Credit: Mashable Studio     Duration: 00:56Published

What JPMorgan's Cryptocurrency Launch Means for the Markets [Video]What JPMorgan's Cryptocurrency Launch Means for the Markets

Move over, bitcoin. JPMorgan Chase will issue the first ever cryptocurrency by a U.S. bank, marking a significant change in tack for CEO Jamie Dimon, who once threatened to fire any employee he found..

Credit: The Street     Duration: 02:00Published

Jim Cramer on Why JPMorgan's Cryptocurrency Is a Good Thing [Video]Jim Cramer on Why JPMorgan's Cryptocurrency Is a Good Thing

Move over, Bitcoin. JPMorgan Chase will issue the first ever cryptocurrency by a U.S. bank, marking a significant change in tack for CEO Jamie Dimon, who once threatened to fire any employee he found..

Credit: The Street     Duration: 01:17Published

Jim Cramer on JPMorgan's Crypto Push and Nvidia's Earnings [Video]Jim Cramer on JPMorgan's Crypto Push and Nvidia's Earnings

It's almost Friday. Nvidia's Earnings After the bell Nvidia is Real Money's Stock of the Day as all eyes turn towards the earnings report that will be released after the bell. In late January, Nvidia..

Credit: The Street     Duration: 13:13Published

Police Mistake Cryptocurrency Mining Rig as Hydroponic Grow Room [Video]Police Mistake Cryptocurrency Mining Rig as Hydroponic Grow Room

Occurred on February 8, 2019 / Smithfield Plains, South Australia, Australia Info: "Police used force to enter a property after hearing a fan running while the occupant wasn't home. They kicked in and..

Credit: Viral Hog Content     Duration: 01:07Published

The Price Of Bitcoin Spikes [Video]The Price Of Bitcoin Spikes

Business Insider reports Bitcoin spiked suddenly around midday on Friday. The cryptocurrency was trading up 9% Friday. That its best level in a month. Earlier Friday, Securities and Exchange..

Credit: Wochit     Duration: 00:34Published

Crypto CEO dies leaving $190 million locked away [Video]Crypto CEO dies leaving $190 million locked away

NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA — A cryptocurrency exchange company is struggling after its CEO died leaving $190 million locked in his encrypted laptop, reports NPR. Gerald Cotten was the sole director of..

Credit: TomoNews US     Duration: 01:51Published

Abra CEO Says New Bitcoin Features Are the Latest Step to Let Users Be Their Own Banks [Video]Abra CEO Says New Bitcoin Features Are the Latest Step to Let Users Be Their Own Banks

Abra's new investment features that allow users to invest their Bitcoin in traditional stocks and ETFs are the latest step forward for the crypto wallet and exchange to become a global crypto bank, CEO..

Credit: Cheddar Inc.     Duration: 01:21Published

In a Rocky Crypto Market, Bitcoin's True Believers Are Unshaken [Video]In a Rocky Crypto Market, Bitcoin's True Believers Are Unshaken

By all accounts, last year’s North American Bitcoin Conference was packed. The bull market attracted more than 4,000 crypto zealots to Miami to hear the Bitcoin gospel. At the time, the term..

Credit: Cheddar Inc.     Duration: 04:29Published

YouTubers Are Being Blackmailed by Criminals Abusing 'Three Strike' Policy [Video]YouTubers Are Being Blackmailed by Criminals Abusing 'Three Strike' Policy

YouTubers Are Being Blackmailed by Criminals Abusing 'Three Strike' Policy

Credit: Vocativ - Affiliate     Duration: 01:12Published

Local Bitcoin ATM Company Thriving Despite Price Of Coin Having Dropped [Video]Local Bitcoin ATM Company Thriving Despite Price Of Coin Having Dropped

A year ago, one bitcoin would have cost you roughly $11,000. Today it fetches a little more than $3,000.

Credit: CBS4 Miami     Duration: 03:29Published

New Jersey Wants To Outlaw Cashless Retail [Video]New Jersey Wants To Outlaw Cashless Retail

New Jersey Wants To Outlaw Cashless Retail

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:38Published

Jack Dorsey Tweets His Love For 'Bitcoin' [Video]Jack Dorsey Tweets His Love For 'Bitcoin'

Business Insider reports Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has restated his love of bitcoin.In a strong endorsement of a cryptocurrency that's had a rough 12 months. Dorsey said he holds bitcoin and he thinks..

Credit: Wochit     Duration: 00:39Published

Abra to Let Users Invest in Traditional Stocks with Cryptocurrency [Video]Abra to Let Users Invest in Traditional Stocks with Cryptocurrency

Abra, a five-year-old crypto company that has historically been focused on remittances, is starting to look like a fintech app itself; it will soon give users the ability to use their bitcoin to invest..

Credit: Cheddar Inc.     Duration: 01:56Published

Cryptocurrency exchange locked out of $140 million [Video]Cryptocurrency exchange locked out of $140 million

Canada's largest cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX says it can't access $140 million after its CEO unexpectedly died. Fred Katayama reports.

Credit: Rumble     Duration: 01:25Published


NEM Price Rises Quickly as Traders Target $0.05

nem price rises quickly as traders target $0.05
As is always the case in the cryptocurrency world, the markets will shift into a higher gear on a dime. Today is no different in this regard, as the top markets have all turned bullish out of the blue..
The Merkle - Published

EOS Price Surpasses $4 as EOSBet Announces new Upcoming Games

eos price surpasses $4 as eosbet announces new upcoming games
As the weekend trucks along nicely, it is still a bit unclear what to expect from most top crypto markets. Bitcoin still hasn’t resumed its bullish trend, nor has it lost any significant value..
The Merkle - Published

Bitcoin Hovers Under $4,000 as Top Cryptos See Mixed Movements

bitcoin hovers under $4,000 as top cryptos see mixed movements
Bitcoin hovers under the $4,000 mark as the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting mixed movements
The Cointelegraph - Published

Report: Russian State Duma to Review Crypto Regulation, Oil-Backed Crypto in Development

report: russian state duma to review crypto regulation, oil-backed crypto in development
The former Energy Minister Igor Yusufov is proposing an oil-backed crypto, and the Russian State Duma reportedly plans to review and adopt new cryptocurrency regulation in March
The Cointelegraph - Published

The First Car Purchased With Bitcoin Is Now the World’s Most Expensive Prius

CoinDesk takes a ride in the first car ever purchased with bitcoin – a Prius paid for with 1,000 BTC.
Coindesk - Published

Blockchain Company CasperLabs Appoints Ethereum Researcher Vlad Zamfir as Lead Architect

blockchain company casperlabs appoints ethereum researcher vlad zamfir as lead architect
Ethereum researcher Vlad Zamfir has been appointed by blockchain protocol research and development company CasperLabs as lead consensus protocol architect
The Cointelegraph - Published

Canadian Banks Wary of QuadrigaCX Assets’ Origins, Cite Money Laundering Concerns

canadian banks wary of quadrigacx assets’ origins, cite money laundering concerns
Hesitation has been shown by Canadian banks concerning the management of the assets of insolvent cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX
The Cointelegraph - Published

Ontology Price Notes Another 15% Gain on the Road to $1

Most of the cryptocurrency markets are seemingly stuck in sideways trading momentum right now. While that could pose a genuine problem for a fair few different markets, it seems Ontology is reaping the..
The Merkle - Published

Electroneum Price Bucks Bearish Trend Following GSMA Announcement

Weekends have often been a very interesting time for trading cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets. Although the momentum has turned another bearish turn, it seems unlikely any real damage will..
The Merkle - Published

CasperLabs Is Building a PoS Blockchain With Help from Ethereum’s Vlad Zamfir

A new blockchain startup was launched today called CasperLabs. Aiming to build a proof-of-stake blockchain based upon the seminal work of Ethereum Foundation researcher Vlad Zamfir, CasperLabs has..
Coindesk - Published

Parity Developer Quits Ethereum Projects Amid Outrage Sparked by Recent Tweet

parity developer quits ethereum projects amid outrage sparked by recent tweet
Afri Schoeden, Parity’s release manager, has quit Ethereum projects after being criticized for critiquing the Serenity upgrade
The Cointelegraph - Published

Extortionists Made $332,000 in Bitcoin Threatening to Leak Porn History

extortionists made $332,000 in bitcoin threatening to leak porn history
Cybercriminals have continued to be a menace all over the world. And while their victims keep finding better ways to protect themselves, the criminals invent a new way to breach the security protocols...
The Merkle - Published

Ethereum Classic Price Gains 6% as Developers Mull ETH 2.0 Roadmap Implementation

ethereum classic price gains 6% as developers mull eth 2.0 roadmap implementation
Based on the current overall crypto market momentum, one would almost think the sky’s the limit. Such a train of thought is very dangerous to pursue among traders who want to pocket some profits over..
The Merkle - Published

Stanford Researchers Develop Privacy Mechanism for Ethereum Smart Contract

stanford researchers develop privacy mechanism for ethereum smart contract
Researchers from Stanford University and Visa Research have developed a privacy mechanism for Ethereum and other smart contract platforms
The Cointelegraph - Published

Ohio Businesses Can File Taxes Using BTC, But Only 2 Have Done So

ohio businesses can file taxes using btc, but only 2 have done so
The treasurer’s office is reviewing the initiative.
ETH News - Published

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Tron, Binance Coin, Cardano: Price Analysis, Feb. 22

bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, eos, litecoin, bitcoin cash, stellar, tron, binance coin, cardano: price analysis, feb. 22
With increasing interest from institutional investors, is it a good time to buy for the long term or is this just a dead cat bounce? Let’s look at the charts
The Cointelegraph - Published

Two Companies Used Crypto to Pay Taxes in Ohio, Says State Treasurer

two companies used crypto to pay taxes in ohio, says state treasurer
Ohio state treasurer Robert Sprague revealed that two companies have used the recently introduced option to pay taxes with cryptocurrencies
The Cointelegraph - Published

Distributed Digest: Friday, February 22, 2019

distributed digest: friday, february 22, 2019
The Zcash Company becomes the Electric Coin Company, the Flyingcarpet Network is being built on top of Gnosis, and Maker’s Dai Stability Fee may increase.
ETH News - Published

Bitcoin Hits $4K for the Fourth Time in 2019, Stocks Jump Amid US–China Trade Talks

bitcoin hits $4k for the fourth time in 2019, stocks jump amid us–china trade talks
Bitcoin has broken the $4,000 threshold for the fourth time in 2019, while all top 20 cryptos are in the green
The Cointelegraph - Published

Blackmailers made $332,000 in Bitcoin during ‘sextortion’ scam

Cybercriminals raked in more than $300,000 in Bitcoin payments during a ‘sextortion’ email-based blackmail campaign, which was first spotted in 2017 but saw increased activity mid-last year...
The Next Web - Published

Luxembourg University Postdoc: Central Bank Digital Currencies Too Attractive to Ignore

luxembourg university postdoc: central bank digital currencies too attractive to ignore
A recent study by a University of Luxembourg postdoc claims that some central banks are considering launching CBDCs in spite of legal challenges
The Cointelegraph - Published

XRP Price Seems Poised to Rebound yet may Lose the 8,000 Satoshi Level

xrp price seems poised to rebound yet may lose the 8,000 satoshi level
While most of the top crypto markets are returning to the green all of a sudden, it would appear the same doesn’t apply to the XRP price just yet. More specifically, Ripple’s native asset is still..
The Merkle - Published

Third-Top Exchange OKEx Lists Ripple and Bitcoin Cash on Customer-to-Customer Platform

third-top exchange okex lists ripple and bitcoin cash on customer-to-customer platform
OKEx C2C platform has listed Ripple and Bitcoin Cash, also announcing the delisting of NEO, QTUM and Exchange Union (XUC)
The Cointelegraph - Published

Bitcoin Remains On Hunt For $4.2K Despite Price Consolidation

Bitcoin's three-day price consolidation looks to be a bull breather before a continuation of the recent rally to above $4,000.
Coindesk - Published

MyEtherWallet Introduces a KYC-Free Crypto-to-Fiat Conversion

Companies active in the cryptocurrency world need to keep growing and evolving at all times. That is often easier said than done for most service providers. MyEtherWallet has introduced a new feature..
The Merkle - Published

Andreas M. Antonopoulos Warns Against Ethereum Community In-Fighting

In an address to the ethereum community, the blockchain expert warns against fragmentation and in-fighting as a result of market pressures.
Coindesk - Published

Cardano Price Holds its own At $0.045 As Galaxy S10 Support Rumors Spread

cardano price holds its own at $0.045 as galaxy s10 support rumors spread
With Bitcoin still stuck in a bit of a rut right now, it is unlikely the alternative markets will see any positive momentum. While the Cardano price is not necessarily in the worst of places..
The Merkle - Published

Korea Exchange Official: US Decision on Bitcoin ETF Will Set Tone for Local Crypto Market

korea exchange official: us decision on bitcoin etf will set tone for local crypto market
An official at South Korea’s sole securities exchange operator, the Korea Exchange, says the bourse is closely eyeing developments from U.S. regulators in regard to crypto ETFs
The Cointelegraph - Published

Texas Cryptocurrency Businesses Agree to Halt Token Offerings After Cease and Desist

texas cryptocurrency businesses agree to halt token offerings after cease and desist
Cryptocurrency companies offering unregistered securities sign regulatory enforcement agreement in the Texas
The Cointelegraph - Published

Stellar Price Loses More Ground Across the Board

stellar price loses more ground across the board
The going has gotten rather tough in the world of cryptocurrencies these past few days. An ongoing bearish trend is wreaking a bit of havoc among most of the alternative markets right now. While most..
The Merkle - Published

Cryptocurrency companies use 'backdoor' listings to ease into mainstream

By Alun John and Anna Irrera HONG KONG (Reuters) - Several cryptocurrency exchanges have moved closer to mainstream markets by buying listed companies, looking to raise funds and present themselves as..
Firstpost - Published Also reported by •ReutersReuters India

Canada: The Difference Between A Cryptocurrency And A Crypto Commodity - Spiegel Sohmer

When bitcoin peaked at almost US$20,000 in late 2017 and cryptocurrencies came to the forefront of global news, much speculation and consideration was given to viability, growth and the future of..
Mondaq - Published

Ukraine: ARTICLE: Q&A About Fintech Law In Ukraine - Evris Law Firm

This country-specific Q&A provides an overview to Fintech law in Ukraine. It will cover open banking, regulation of data, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, AI and insurtech.
Mondaq - Published

Report: Major European Derivatives Exchange to Launch Cryptocurrency Futures

report: major european derivatives exchange to launch cryptocurrency futures
German derivatives exchange Eurex is reportedly planning to introduce futures for digital currencies; the exchange is operated by Deutsche Boerse
The Cointelegraph - Published

Latin America’s Largest Investment Bank to Launch Its Own Security Token

latin america’s largest investment bank to launch its own security token
Sao Paulo-based Banco BTG Pactual SA has announced plans to release its own security token, which could be purchased with Gemini Dollars or Ethereum
The Cointelegraph - Published

Dogecoin Price Retains $0.002 Value Despite Bearish Pressure

dogecoin price retains $0.002 value despite bearish pressure
When all cryptocurrency markets turn bearish all of a sudden, people often look at Dogecoin. Whether that is a good thing or not remains up for debate. Under these circumstances, the Dogecoin price is..
The Merkle - Published

Don’t Expect Bitcoin’s Supply to Change, Says Core Maintainer Wlad van der Laan

In a new interview, bitcoin's lead maintainer, Wlad van der Laan, argues any change to the cryptocurrency's supply would erode its utility and value.
Coindesk - Published

NEO Price Drops by 5% as Bears Take Control

neo price drops by 5% as bears take control
It is very difficult to find any real promising momentum in the cryptocurrency industry right now. As Bitcoin remains in the red, the vast majority of alternative markets is dragged down as well. The..
The Merkle - Published

Bitcoin Will Hit $1 Million, Says IBM’s VP of Blockchain Jesse Lund

bitcoin will hit $1 million, says ibm’s vp of blockchain jesse lund
Bitcoin is will eventually hit $1 million, according to IBM’s VP of blockchain and digital currencies, Jesse Lund
The Cointelegraph - Published

VeChain Price Resumes Bullish Trend as Community Tries to Educate Elon Musk

vechain price resumes bullish trend as community tries to educate elon musk
When Bitcoin goes in the red again, a sudden sea of bearish pressure emerges upon all alternative markets. Today is once again one of those days where no project seems to note real gains. One..
The Merkle - Published

XRP Price Gets Driven Down yet Community Remains Excited

xrp price gets driven down yet community remains excited
The bearish pressure continues to mount across all crypto markets. This is not entirely surprising, as it has been brewing for quite some time now. The XRP price, for example, is losing a lot of ground..
The Merkle - Published

You May Be Richer Than Elon Musk, at Least in Bitcoin

you may be richer than elon musk, at least in bitcoin
Many of us regard Elon Musk as one of the most influential innovators of our generation. Musk is the brains behind Paypal, SpaceX, Neuralink, the Boring Company, Tesla and more. In the course of his..
The Merkle - Published

Research Warns ‘Familiar’ Monero Mining Malware Is Infecting Windows Systems

research warns ‘familiar’ monero mining malware is infecting windows systems
Trend Micro: concerted attack aimed at hijacking Windows machines for Monero mining has increased in recent weeks
The Cointelegraph - Published

Meet the lawyer-turned-artist behind classical cryptocurrency paintings

meet the lawyer-turned-artist behind classical cryptocurrency paintings
Over the past 10 years cryptocurrency, blockchain, and art have become the most surprising and unlikely of bed fellows. Street art, graffitti, and memes are quite common, but the words cryptocurrency..
The Next Web - Published

Bitcoin Price Forecast Feb 21st: Consolidating Market Ideal for an Intra Range Strategy

bitcoin price forecast feb 21st: consolidating market ideal for an intra range strategy
The resistance levels of 4050-4100 on BTCUSD seem to hold as it is currently trading sideways. For the last few hours, the 7 day MA and the 21 day MA seem to be intertwined and this can only imply that..
The Merkle - Published

A brief history of cryptocurrency and blockchain white papers

a brief history of cryptocurrency and blockchain white papers
It’d be foolish to undermine the role of white papers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem, given these industries – estimated to be worth billions in years to come – spawned from a..
The Next Web - Published

$430K in Confiscated Crypto to Be Sold Off by Irish Auction House

Cryptocurrencies seized by Belgian law enforcement from online drug dealers are set to be sold off by an Ireland-based auction house.
Coindesk - Published

India's coal power plants 'unhealthiest' in world: Study

Coal-fired power plants produce more than just carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming, said researchers from ETH Zurich in Switzerland
DNA - Published

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