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Kay blevins >> you're welcome back to 12 now the morning.

I have left her and mitchell enough sitting right next is not limited to the thank you you claim with became the animal shelter out her name is mitchell enough to truly live in the do in the area were just talking t the cookbook.

The 7000 animal names every year so i guess they have to be created for this.

Sh is so yes you can use his littl west highland terrier mix and in a few other things apart through her to sick she's full of personality.

She's five years old and i messes up with some interiors and connect.

I don't know what you think would be a good one to do a dna test on of very loving attaches quickly and very nice little guard dog research.

She takes on that rol, rather weekly and him and i hav three big dogs and i'm she spent the better health last night an she was just great.

She greatly to them.

She does demand sleep in bed if you let her sleep in bed than future silver eagle street if you let her sleep in bed than future silver eagle st, flint.

She's had to go see after the next time by god.

We all write mentally that we all deal she's precious are something if it's a late adopter which they do is contact amiable center oral at 4500 n.

Texas rotary here in chattanooga income by the center or they can go to he website, which is the king in will and we have a lot of able to build doctoring a lot of small dogs, puppies, cat.

We still have hurricane animals that we've done in the mail yesterday just would be rude treatment can be just a ready t be being neutered.

Everything done so they'll be still be available for dr. wheatley had 78 of those you really are they all sang here and just as i kno i 12 with knoxville and went to the other what they were saying here yeah okay go there.

There up for adoption until you are you in need of food will show me what we've got probably worth 600 meals at the shelter.

So fo those of you great team, but the things that add to the quality of life for the ends conceal th sing-along from remaining are the toys of the trees and thing like that.

The that that keep busy during the first day trying to get some real toys and treat are really in demand and in the really keep them busy.

She is busy on only one file of the ornate is okay, so something to drop off donations from outside of the door.

If you are there and absolutely bring about will be happy to happy to take input into really good use.

That's what i do have a lot of events coming home we just this with her doggy paddle which was great.

We had over 300 dog show a that celebs will give you the next was bart tovar fest octobe fashion.

That's a lot of fun virtual fences.

October 26, so you your calendar because it's great food.

We have met halloween which is are hollowin for us, which is for all of fre- for-all the kids in the area and that's wonderful.

I mean the deck rations of the new suit in which india halloween and woods is really amazing selling and our big dog contest that same day.

So cute.

You haven't seen it on stress up in their cost does he asked.

I think this one does cost contest and in the state by far out of the way actually you for coming on this morning and our friend micheline.

I got micheline is such a sweet sweet friend the doctor today.

Folks, she's precious.

She's sitting here with me.

I was on the right action at the top five of five on the other side of the break it.

We're talking about the chicken sandwich.

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