U.S. Senator Mike Braun talks race relations

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U.S. Senator Mike Braun talks race relations
U.S. Senator Mike Braun talks race relations

Race relations in america-- a topic being discussed by all levels of government-- and right now-- i'm joined by united states senator mike braun-- thank you senator for dropping by the 44 news studios-- (((_ )))))) let's get into the ongoing protests-- -- some very peaceful that's been the case here the tri-state-- but in other places-- we've seen looting and fires-- taking the attention away from the message protesters are trying to send:: and that is: oppression and racism are still impacting the black community today-- and police-- they say-- are part of the problem-- senator-- when members of these communities say they are still facing many of the same incidents of police harassment that in some cases-- have been plaguing their communities for decades-- what can you do-- senator-- as a representative of all hoosiers -- to encourage all of that to change--and ultimately improve race relations?

Senator braun all new tonight at 9.

We'll talk with senator braun senator braun about what it's going to take to rebuild indiana's economy.

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