Nvidia & darpa biohybrid

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Nvidia & darpa biohybrid

Nvidia & darpa biohybrid

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No One is Talking About What Just Happened .

Engineered biological entity .

Bi-directional brain-machine interfaces .

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Regenerative medicine .

Future regenerative medicine developments and their therapeutic applications .

Engineering the drug carrier biointerface to overcome biological barriers to drug delivery .

Neuromorphic Nanoionics for Human–Machine Interaction: From Materials to Applications .

Towards a digitally connected body for holistic and continuous health insight .

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Secret Super Weapons That Drive Disarmament Negotiations - Lt.


Thomas Bearden (1988) D.E.W.

May God bless Dutchsinse .

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Sensors open system architecture .

Sensor Open Systems Architecture™ (SOSA) Introduction .

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An Intelligent and Energy-Efficient Wireless Body Area Network to Control Coronavirus Outbreak magnetic human body communication .

Https:// Intra-body communications for nervous system applications: Current technologies and future directions How does electromagnetic warfare work?

A more precise definition is a military or intelligence operation that uses all or parts of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) – radio waves, microwaves, millimeter waves, infrared, visible light, ultra violet light, x-rays, and gamma rays – to detect actions or communications, protect against enemy activities, ... .

Wireless on-demand drug delivery Biohybrid approaches to interface with the nervous system: the best of both worlds .

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Optical sensor array .

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Find EMF Protection At Fix the World Project Maroc S.A.R.L.

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The Future is History Policy Horizons | Horizons de politiques June 1, 2013 Faster, Cheaper Medicine through Synthetic Biology Organs-on-demand with 3D Printing Geoengineering the Climate Really Smart Cars Third-Generation Biofuels The Rise of the Super-Soldier Storing ‘Big Data’ in DNA Solving Deep Problems with ‘Deep Learning’ Artificial Intelligence .

Published: 24 November 2013.

Molecular recognition using corona phase complexes made of synthetic polymers adsorbed on carbon nanotubes.

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(2014)DOE CSGF: Understanding CORONA Phase Molecular Recognition Sensors on Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes - Krell Institute 2014 .

(2016) Understanding and Engineering the Nanoparticle CORONA and Its Effect on Biological Interfaces MITnano - MITnano .

(2015) I.F.AKILDIZ ACM: CORONA: A Coordinate and Routing system for Nanonetworks NANOCOM' 15: Proceedings of the Second Annual International Conference on Nanoscale Computing and Communication September 2015 .


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(2017) The Real "MRNA" - Evolving Nanoscale Communication Biology, Engineering, and Robotics Converge with Dr. Ian Akyildiz JUN 05, 2017 .

The Truth about Weaponized Devices❗- Using Pulse Lighting To Change Neurons - Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors .

Human Interaction Emerging Technologies and Future Systems College txtbook PDF .

The "CORONA-VIRUS" (COVID-AI-19) A Coordinate and Routing system for Nanonetworks Linking Humans to The Sentient World Simulation #Bioconvergence SOLUTIONS CAN'T HAPPEN UNTIL EDUCATION HAPPENS!

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👀 ITU (International Telecommunication Union) U.N.

Journal on Future and Evolving Technologies (ITU-J FET) - A.I.

For 'Good' 2030= Metaverse .

20 Years NNI NNI Retrospective Video: Creating a National Initiative (Trailer 3 min.) .

(2010) U.S.A.F.

BIOTECHNOLOGY: GENETICALLY ENGINEERED PATHOGENS (BIOWEAPONS) (Pg14) Future Application: 'Gene therapy is expected to gain in popularity.

It will continue to be improved upon and could unquestionably be chosen as a bioweapon.

The rapid growth in biotechnology could trigger more opportunities to find new ways to fight diseases or create new ones' (Pg14) Gene therapy as a Bioweapon: 'State of the Bioweapon: Stealth viruses just like the gene therapy, require a vector to be inserted in the body and lay dormant until a trigger mechanism is activated either internally or externally.

Imagine having a cancer causing virus enter a human cell and lay dormant until an external signal triggers the disease.

When the signal gets activated the cells become abnormal and could rapidly generate abnormal cell growth leading to a tumor and ultimately, death.

Now, apply this concept to a population where an HIV virus gets disseminated within a target population.

At a specific time chosen by the perpetrator, the signal would be triggered to harm an entire population all at once.

Although this bioweapon is futuristic it is not improbable and deserves to be examined' • Biotechnology: Genetically Engineered Pathogens (The Counterproliferation Papers, Future Warfare Series No.


(2010) Since the early 2010s, DARPA has invested in a new type of vaccine technology — nucleic acid vaccines — which use the human body as its “bioreactor” to create the antibodies needed for immunity.

DARPA funded this type of vaccine because traditional vaccine manufacturing is cumbersome, Jenkins said, and can take up to 18 months.

DARPA’s efforts on new mRNA vaccines have perhaps led to the best chance of effective immunization against COVID-19.

This is in part thanks to a $25 million grant it awarded in 2013 to biotech company Moderna to manufacture mRNA vaccines to protect against a “wide range of known and unknown emerging infectious diseases and engineered biological threats." .

(2010) Electromagnetic wireless nanosensor networks by IF Akyildiz · Cited by 802 — This paper provides an in-depth view on nanosensor technology and electromagnetic communication .

(2010) Nanobiotechnology: Tiny cell transistor .

(2010) New nanoscale transistors allow sensitive probing inside cells senior author Charles M.

Lieber, the Mark Hyman, Jr. Professor of Chemistry at Harvard Date:August 13, 2010Source:Harvard University .

(2012) WHO: Nanotechnology and human health: Scientific evidence and risk governance .

(2012) Genachowski Remarks on Unleashing Spectrum for Medical Body Area Networks - F.C.C.

Https:// .

(2012) Medical Body Area Networks First Report and Order | Federal Communications Commission (WBAN)  .

(2012) Standards for Medical Wireless Body Area Networks Human Body Communication #IEEE 802.15.6 #WBAN 'The PHY layer comes with three options: narrowband (NB), ultra-wideband (UWB), and human body communications (HBC) .


Martina Valente, IEEE EMBS Student Member, and Giandomenico Nollo, IEEE EMBS Member .

(2012) THz Intra Body Communication  #IEEE 802.15.6 Frequency Bands .

(2012) IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks - Part 15.6: Wireless Body Area Networks 'Short-range, wireless communications in the vicinity of, or inside, a human body (but not limited to humans) are specified in this standard' .

(2013) Ian F Akildiz IEEE - Tuning In to Graphene .

(2013) Ian F Akyildiz: Graphene-based nano-antennas may enable networks of tiny machines Peer-Reviewed Publication GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY .

(2015) CORONA: A Coordinate and Routing system for Nanonetworks .

Coordinating Global Brain Projects - The Rockefeller University 2016 Part 1 - (BUILDING THE DARPA N3 GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE) .

Coordinating Global Brain Projects - The Rockefeller University 2016 Part 2 - (BUILDING THE GLOBAL DARPA N3 INFRASTRUCTURE) .

(2016) corona phase molecular recognition - Google Search .

(2016) A wireless body area network (WBAN) consists of low-power devices that are capable of sensing, processing, and wireless communication.

WBANs can be used in many applications such as military, ubiquitous health care, entertainment, and sport.

The IEEE Std 802.15.6-2012 is the latest international standard for WBAN .

(2016) Klaus Schwab Anouces The Fourth Industrial Revolution) ' This Fourth Industrial Revolution is, however, fundamentally different.

It is characterized by a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human' .

(2017) Industrial Cyberphysical Systems: A Backbone of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Cyberphysical systems (CPSs) are perceived as the pivotal enabler for a new era of real-time Internet-based communication and collaboration among value-chain participants, e.g., devices, systems, organizations, and humans .

(2017) ISO/IEC/IEEE 8802-15-6:2017 Information technology Telecommunications and information exchange between systems Local and metropolitan area networks "This is a standard for short-range, wireless communication in the vicinity of, or inside, a human body (but not limited to humans)" .

(NASA 2017) IEEE 802.15.6-based Prototype System for WBAN: Design and Implementation .

(2017) SENSE.nano Symposium: Engineering the Nanoparticle Corona for Sensors, Michael Strano - MIT.nano "CORONA PHASE MOLECULAR RECOGNITION" .

(2017) Evolving Nanoscale Communication Biology, Engineering, and Robotics Converge #Bacteria with Dr. Ian Akyildiz JUN 05, 2017 .

(2017) Josep M.

Jornet - An optofluidic channel model for in vivo nanosensor networks in human blood: .

(2017) Ian F.

Akyildiz 'The world will be totally different, with billions of nanoscaled devices circulating in the human body as additional red blood cells or white blood cells.' #IntraBodyNanoNetworks #IntrabodyMolecularCommunications #MedicalBAN .

(2018) #CORONA #WNSNs LaGOON: a simple energy-aware routing protocol for wireless nano-sensor networks (VIDEO) .

(2018) Nanonetworks in Biomedical Applications .

(2018) Josep M.

Jornet - Nanonetworks in Biomedical Applications               BIO-MOLECULAR COMMUNICATION NETWORKS #BioNanomachines .

(2018) Marzo, Jornet and Pierobon - Nanonetworks in Biomedical Applications.

A molecular communication model for particulate Drug Delivery  'A particulate DDS takes advantage of the blood circulation in the cardiovascular system to propagate drug particles from the location where they have been injected into the blood flow, to the targeted site.

Here, as shown in Figure 5, we describe a particulate DDS as three-fold process: injection, propagation, and delivery.' .

(2018) 5G & Network Transformation Conference: Prof. Dr. Ian F.

Akyıldız - Georgia Tech 2018 - 22min.

Internet of Bio-NanoThings .

(2019) Battelle-Led Team Wins DARPA Award to Develop Injectable, Bi-Directional Brain Computer Interface COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 20, 2019) .

(2019) An Energy Balance Clustering Routing Protocol for Intra-Body Wireless Nanosensor Networks CORONA - NIH PMC  (VIDEO) .

(2019) Electrochemical biosensor for CRISPR/Cas13a powered miRNA diagnostics | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE Xplore .

(2019) A biosynthetic dual-core cell computer | ETH Zurich .

(2019) U.S. patent application number 16/876114 was filed with the patent office for system and method for testing for covid-19.

The applicant listed for this patent is Richard A.


Invention is credited to Richard A.


#WideAreaNetwork .

(2019) Request to Withdraw H.R.

1795: “United States-Israel Directed Energy Cooperation Act.” - LA Progressive  .

H.R.1795 - United States-Israel Directed Energy Cooperation Act116th Congress (2019-2020) .

(2020) Ian F Akyildiz: ITU Journal on Future and Evolving Technologies (ITU J-FET) U.N.

Https:// .

(2020) Advancing Modern Healthcare With Nanotechnology, Nanobiosensors, and Internet of Nano Things: Taxonomies, Applications, Architecture, and Challenges PIJUSH KANTI DUTTA PRAMANIK 1 , ARUN SOLANKI2 , ABHINABA DEBNATH 3 , ANAND NAYYAR 4 , (Member, IEEE), SHAKER EL-SAPPAGH 5 , AND KYUNG-SUP KWAK 6 , (Member, IEEE) .

(2020) THE INTERNET OF METAMATERIAL THINGS AND THEIR SOFTWARE ...  by C Liaskos · 2020 · Cited by 14 — Akyildiz, An interpretable neu- ral network for configuring programmable wireless.

Https:// .

(2020) Enabling Covert Body Area Network using Electro-Quasistatic Human Body Communication .

(2020) The Perspective on Bio-Nano Interface Technology for Covid-19 .

(2020) Modelling and Implementation of Complex Systems. EECORONA: Energy Efficiency Coordinate and Routing System for Nanonetworks .

(2020) From Nano-Communications to Body Area Networks: A Perspective on Truly Personal Communications PAWEL KULAKOWSKI1 , KENAN TURBIC2 , (Member, IEEE), and LUIS M.

CORREIA2 , (Senior Member, IEEE) 1AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland .

(2020) NSF Ian F Akyildiz: Design and Operation of a Graphene-Based Plasmonic Nano-Antenna Array for Communication in the Terahertz Band Arjun Singh, Graduate Student Member, IEEE, Michael Andrello III, Student Member, IEEE, Ngwe Thawdar, Member, IEEE, and Josep Miquel Jornet , Member, IEEE .

(2020) Ian F Akildiz IEEE: A Review on the Development of Tunable Graphene Nanoantennas for Terahertz Optoelectronic and Plasmonic Applications .

(2020) Ian F Akyildiz: Remotely controlling your cells from the internet, the hub being your mobile phone & his implantable bioelectronic devices which include an engineered Ecoli fluorescent bionanosensor.


Https:// (VIDEO) .

(2021) Nanotechnology: an emerging approach to combat COVID-19 Published online 2021 Feb 15.


(2021) I.T.U.

Special issue on IoBNT At the center of this approach lies an emerging ICT framework, the Internet of Bio-NanoThings (IoBNT), envisioning the heterogeneous collaborative networks.... .

(2021) Volume 2 I.T.U.

, Issue 3 – Internet of Bio-Nano Things for health applications genetically en‑ gineered Escherichia coli (E.

Coli) bacteria acting as receiver ... and Ian F Akyildiz .

(2021) Ian F.

Akyildiz: 'The cells and the implant interact with the biological system via the internet and cloud computing as the new mediator.' .

(2021) An Intelligent and Energy-Efficient Wireless Body Area Network to Control Coronavirus Outbreak .

(2021) In Vivo End-to-End Molecular Communication Model for COVID-19 .

(2021) Ian F Akildiz: Global PANACEA Architecture (IoBnT) Programming "Viruses" Wirelessly Inside The Body, Track & Trace-Quarantine - "You Can Be Re-Programed (DUAL USE) And Killed" .

(2021) International Telecommunications Union United Nations Special issue Internet of Bio-Nano Things for health applications .

(2021) “The sixth generation (6G) of mobile network will be composed by different nodes, from macro-devices (satellite) to nano-devices (sensors inside the human body), providing a full connectivity fabric all around us.” Physical-Layer Security in 6G Networks .

ISO Standardization Foresight Framework Trend Report Biodigital Convergence Nanotechnology 2022 .

(2022) Connecting in-body nano communication with body area networks: Challenges and opportunities of the Internet of Nano Things .

(2022) From Nano-Communications to Body Area Networks: A Perspective on Truly Personal Communications Publisher: IEEE .

(2022) A Molecular Communication Platform Based on Body Area Nanonetwork .

(2022) Building digital twins of the human immune system: toward a roadmap .

(2022) S.5002 - FDA Modernization Act 2.0117th Congress (2021-2022) 'The bill also removes a requirement to use animal studies as part of the process to obtain a license for a biological product that is [biosimilar or interchangeable with another biological product]' @RandPaul 🖕 "biosimilar or interchangeable with another biological product" How do they get crispr-nanotech in the meds legally?

Https:// .

(2022) The Internet of Bio-Nano Things in Blood Vessels: System Design and Prototypes by C Lee — Abstract—In this paper, we investigate the Internet of Bio-.

Nano Things (IoBNT) which relates to networks formed by.

Https:// .

(2022) ARRC Seminar Series - Ian F  Akyildiz (13 min.

Mark) .

(2022) Wireless sensor and wireless body area network assisted biosensor network for effective monitoring and prevention of non-ventilator hospital-acquired pneumonia .

(2022) Technical Report Air Force Institute of Technology Human Digital Twin and Modeling Guidebook Date: December 19, 2022 Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael Miller Department of Systems Engineering and Management Air Force Institute of Technology 2950 Hobson Way Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433 (937) 255-3636 ext 4651 (INOP) Cell: (585)764-6602 .

(2023) The President's 2023 Budget requests nearly $2 billion for the NNI, the largest ever request since its inception.

This reflects the widespread recognition of the potential for nanotechnology to contribute to agency missions and national priorities.

Https:// .

(2023) Digital data storage on DNA tape using CRISPR base editors | Nature Communications are 'closing the Loop between technologies and humans.' .

(2023) IEEE-EMBS International Conference on Body Sensor Networks – Sensors and Systems for Digital Health (IEEE BSN) #IntraBodySensorNetworks #IntraBodyNanoSensorNetworks #DigitalHealth .

Yeast Genome Editing .

(2024) Ian F.

Akyildiz: Engineering Yeast Cells to Facilitate Information Exchange (TWEET) .

Ian F Akildiz Current Projects: Heterogeneous Intrabody Biomolecular Communications for the Internet of Bio-NanoThings (MEDIA) .

Who is Ian F.

Akyildiz & The I.T.U ?

Https:// .

Ian F.

Akyildiz ITU Profile: .

• Contact the Editor-in-Chief​, Prof. Ia​​n F.

Akyildiz at .

Ian F.

Akyildiz A.I.

For Good 2030 .

Dr. Akyildiz serves as a panel member for “Metaverse Future” at the IEEE Metaverse 2022 conference .

Ian F.

Akyildiz Professor in Telecommunications President & CTO Truva Inc.

Https:// .


Akyildiz (Life Fellow, IEEE) .

Dr. Ian F Akyildiz ACM Fellow .

Ian F.

Akyıldız: Bio nano scale machines - these are for injecting into the body, always monitoring the health problems. And that is also going really well, like with these COVID vaccines" .

"You Inject These Into The Body Of The Human" Ian F.

Akyildiz - Nanonetworks: A New Frontier in Communications (2011) .

The AI powered Metaverse using holographic type communication, not only in Health Care but for education & tourism too.

Seems Ian F Akyildiz wants to lock everyone up in a virtual/Metaverse game.

AI for good or a panopticon digital prison?!

Https:// .



AKYILDIZ Ken Byers Chair Professor in Telecommunications Georgia Institute of Technology School of Electrical and Computer Engineering  (Broadband Wireless Networking) Lab Atlanta, GA 30332, USA .


"FOR GOOD" 👀 👇  : ITU (J-FET) Ian F Akyildiz .

ITU (J-FET) - VIDEOS International Telecommunications Union-United Nations A.I.

"For Good" 2030  .

About: AI for Good is a year-round digital platform where AI innovators and problem owners learn, build and connect to identify practical AI solutions to advance the UN SDGs.

The goal of AI for Good is to identify practical applications of AI to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and scale those solutions for global impact.

It’s the leading action-oriented, global & inclusive United Nations platform on AI.

AI for Good is organized by ITU in partnership with 40 UN Sister Agencies and co-convened with Switzerland.



AI for good Ian F Akyildiz (VIDEOS) .

ITU (AI FOR GOOD) Documents .


ITU  Metaverse Ian F Akildiz:π=itu%20Metaverse%20Ian%20F%20Akildiz .

ITU Internet Of Bio-Nanothings Ian F Akildizπ=itu%20Internet%20Of%20Bio-Nanothings%20Ian%20F%20Akildiz .

ITU Internet Of Bio-Nanothings Ian F Akildiz (VIDEOS) .

Itu molecular machinesIan F Akildizπ=itu%20molecular%20machinesIan%20F%20Akildiz .

ITU Meta Materials F Akildizπ=itu%20Meta%20Materials%20F%20Akildiz .

ITU  Molecular THZ Communication System F Akildiz .

ITU Cubesat Ian F Akildizπ=itu%20Cubesat%20Ian%20F%20Akildiz .

ITU Cubesat Ian F Akildiz (VIDEOS) .

OUCI in Ukraine has some very interesting info regarding Ian F Akyildiz and his nanonetworks.

Https:// .

Joint Nanoscale Communication and Sensing Enabled by Plasmonic Nano-antennas (ACM) AKILDIZ 2021 .

Ian F Akildiz Nanonetworks .

CORONA Nanonetworks (IMAGE SEARCH) .

Nano-biotechnology or nano-medicine, e.g.

Protein engineering or drug delivery (2,162)     .

More topics under "B82B - Nano-structures formed by manipulation of individual atoms, molecules, or limited collections of atoms or molecules as discrete units; Manufacture or treatment thereof" (18,609) .

Please Help Share This Important Thread: .

America's Book Of Secrets: DARPA's Secret Mind Control Technology (Season 4) | History Channel 2021 .

Solving Generic Decision Problems by in-Message Computation in DNA-Based Molecular Nanonetworks .

Water Sustainability through Nanotechnology – Nanoscale Solutions for a Global-Scale Challenge .

ITU: IoBNT At the center of this approach lies an emerging ICT framework, the Internet of Bio-NanoThings (IoBNT), envisioning the heterogeneous collaborative networks(HEALTHCARE) .

Trudeau says Canada is joining the European Union’s Horizon Europe research program November 24, 2023 #BiodigitalConvergence .

Creating Standards Around The BiodigitalConvergence For 20 Years!

IEC & IEEE: Navigating bio-digital ethics 2023-07-27 IEC Editorial Team .

DARPA Is Responsible For The Creation Of the mRNA Gene Editing Technologies Used For The Covid-19 A.I.


And The "Good" Doctors Keep Pretending Like They Dont Know!

- Lets Play More "Google Fingers" .


- HERE IS HOW 👉 MBAN = Medical Body Area Networks .

6G and Beyond: The Future of Wireless Communications Systems - INTERNET OF BioNanoThings FOR HEALTH APPLICATIONS IAN F.

AKYILDIZ , (Fellow, IEEE), Broadband Wireless Networking Laboratory, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute .

Scientists Want to Use People As Antennas to Power 6G - 6G Vision, Requirements and Challenges 2030+ VIVO TELECOMMUNICATIONS .

Scientists Want to Use People As Antennas to Power 6G - 6G Vision, Requirements and Challenges 2030+ .

(WHITE PAPER VIVO 6G) • Digital Life 2030+ 6G .


United Nations Telecommunications Union, Ian F.

Akyildiz 5G-6G-7G (THE E.M.F.

TERRORISTS) 👈 What The PFIZER "Lawfare" (PSYOP) People Don't Want YOU Looking At!

Https:// .

IEEE Transactions On Biomedical Engineering: On the Safety of Human Body Communication .

Remotely controlled electro-responsive on-demand nanotherapy based on amine-modified graphene oxide for synergistic dual drug delivery

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