Video-focused social media platform

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TikTok: Video-focused social media platform
TikTok, whose mainland Chinese counterpart is Douyin, is a short-form video hosting service owned by Chinese internet company ByteDance. It hosts user-submitted videos, which can range in duration from three seconds to 60 minutes. It can be accessed with a smart phone app.

#TikTokShortFilm competition returns for a third year at Cannes Film Festival [Video]

#TikTokShortFilm competition returns for a third year at Cannes Film Festival

With over 75,000 videos submitted from 55 countries, TikTok announced the winners of the #TikTokShortFilm competition at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

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Three key moments from the first debate with lead EU candidates [Video]

Three key moments from the first debate with lead EU candidates

The lead candidates in the European elections faced off against each other in the first debate of the race, haggling over the Green Deal, the Israel-Hamas war, irregular migration, artificial..

Credit: euronews (in English)     Duration: 02:51Published
'We aren't going anywhere': TikTok CEO expects to defeat US restrictions [Video]

'We aren't going anywhere': TikTok CEO expects to defeat US restrictions

Credit: FRANCE 24 English     Duration: 01:41Published
Senate Passes $95 Billion Foreign Aid Package [Video]

Senate Passes $95 Billion Foreign Aid Package

Senate Passes $95 Billion , Foreign Aid Package. On April 23, the U.S. Senate voted 79-18 to approve foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, 'The Guardian' reports. . Today the Senate sends a..

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Congress Sends Biden a Bill That Could Ban TikTok [Video]

Congress Sends Biden a Bill That Could Ban TikTok

Congress Sends Biden a Bill , That Could Ban TikTok. Included within Congress' $95 billion national security package is a provision that could lead to TikTok being banned in America. Included within..

Credit: Wibbitz Top Stories     Duration: 01:31Published
US Senate passes bill forcing TikTok's parent company to sell or face ban [Video]

US Senate passes bill forcing TikTok's parent company to sell or face ban

Credit: FRANCE 24 English     Duration: 01:43Published
US Passes Bill to Ban TikTok: Company Plays 'Free Speech' Card Amid US Ban Threats| Oneindia News [Video]

US Passes Bill to Ban TikTok: Company Plays 'Free Speech' Card Amid US Ban Threats| Oneindia News

Lawmakers are advancing legislation to address national security concerns linked to TikTok, aiming to force its sale or ban in the U.S. The bill, included in foreign aid packages, bypasses Senate..

Credit: Oneindia     Duration: 02:35Published
Bill to ban TikTok in US moves ahead in Congress [Video]

Bill to ban TikTok in US moves ahead in Congress

Credit: FRANCE 24 English     Duration: 01:03Published
Could TikTok be banned in the US? [Video]

Could TikTok be banned in the US?

Legislation has been passed which could see TikTok banned unless the platform's China-based owner sells its stake within the year

Credit: euronews (in English)     Duration: 00:35Published
Taylor Swift’s Music Is Back on TikTok [Video]

Taylor Swift’s Music Is Back on TikTok

Taylor Swift’s Music , Is Back on TikTok. In January, Swift's music was pulled from TikTok by Universal Music Group due to a dispute over royalties, CNN reports. . Other artists, such as Ariana..

Credit: Wibbitz Top Stories     Duration: 01:31Published
Brussels asks Big Tech to counter threats to integrity of European elections [Video]

Brussels asks Big Tech to counter threats to integrity of European elections

The European Commission has asked X, TikTok, Facebook and other online platforms to mitigate risks to elections and clamp down on voter disinformation, as part of new guidelines adopted on Tuesday.

Credit: euronews (in English)     Duration: 01:14Published

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TikTok sues US government as it tries to block law that could ban app

TikTok is suing the US government over a law that seeks to force the app's Chinese owner ByteDance to sell it within nine months or ban its use in America.
Sky News - Published

What is the Barbara Rhubarb dance and how did it turn into a TikTok trend?

You may have noticed an unusual German rap song in the background of an increasing number of videos on your TikTok feed.
Sky News - Published

Raven-Symoné Calls Out Internet Trolls for Sending Wife Death Threats

Raven-Symoné is coming to her wife Miranda Maday's defense after she received death threats for saying she wasn't familiar with the former Disney star's work. In a video message uploaded to TikTok,.. - Published

Universal artists to return to TikTok as dispute comes to an end

Universal Music and TikTok have ended a dispute over royalties after the label pulled millions of songs from the social media platform.
Sky News - Published

'Bachelorette' Star Jason Tartick Does Dinner with New Girlfriend

'Bachelorette' alum Jason Tartick is taking his new relationship with TikTok star Kat Stickler out of the shadows and into the spotlight ... as the pair stepped out for a dinner date Monday evening... - Published

Jelly Roll's Wife Bunnie XO Hits Back at Haters After Meeting Hall Pass

Jelly Roll's wife, Bunnie XO, caught heat over a video where she met her "hall pass" -- something the internet was outraged about ... but she's not sweating it, and neither is hubby. The podcaster.. - Published

Harry Jowsey Announces Skin Cancer Diagnosis

Harry Jowsey made a startling announcement Friday ... telling his huge following he's got skin cancer -- and using the diagnosis as a teachable moment. The reality television phenom took to TikTok to.. - Published

Gypsy Rose Loses Out on $6K From TikTok, Money Transferred to Her Ex

Gypsy Rose is missing a pretty big bag from her TikTok account -- several thousand dollars that ended up in her estranged husband's hands when she deleted her account. Sources with direct knowledge.. - Published

Biden Signs Bill Banning TikTok in U.S., CEO Promises to Fight in Court

President Biden just signed a bill banning TikTok in America (unless it's sold to a U.S.-based company) -- but the current CEO says they're gonna fight like hell ... vowing to go to court. TikTok's.. - Published

TikTok ban in US moves a step closer after Senate passes bill to force parent company to sell platform

The possibility of a ban on TikTok in the US has moved a step closer after the Senate agreed a landmark bill to force its China-based parent company into selling the app.
Sky News - Published

'We aren't going anywhere' - TikTok vows court fight as new US law threatens to ban it

TikTok has promised a court battle over a new law that threatens to ban it in the US - with the app's boss saying "we aren't going anywhere".
Sky News - Published

TikTok could be banned in US after House of Representatives passes bill

TikTok could be banned in the US if the social media app's Chinese owner doesn't sell its stake after the House of Representatives voted in support of the measure.
Sky News - Published

Jenna Jameson's Wife Files for Divorce After Less Than Year of Marriage

Jenna Jameson is once again headed for divorce -- this time, it's her wife who wants to end their marriage ... and she's claiming the reason is because Jenna fell off the wagon. Jessi Lawless just.. - Published

TikTok Star Kyle Marisa Roth Dead At 36

TikTok star Kyle Marisa Roth -- famous for dishing on controversial Hollywood blind items and showbiz gossip -- has suddenly died ... something her family confirmed this week. Kyle's sister Lindsay.. - Published

Influencer Davis Clarke Claims He Crapped His Pants at Boston Marathon

Davis Clarke says he had a crappy run at the Boston Marathon, and he seems to mean that literally -- claiming he crapped his pants ... but TBH, take it with a grain of poopy salt. The TikTok.. - Published

Government should counter misinformation on TikTok, MPs say

The government should use TikTok to help combat misinformation directed at young people, a group of MPs has said.
Sky News - Published

Taylor Swift music 'back on TikTok' despite app's public spat with singer's record label

Taylor Swift's music is reportedly back on TikTok just weeks after the social media app and her record label Universal Music publicly exchanged furious messages.
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Gypsy Rose Does TikTok Interview with Ex-Fiancé Ken Urker, Not Banging

Gypsy Rose Blanchard's setting the record straight on all the rumors swirling about her recent hangouts with ex-fiancé, Ken Urker ... hopping on a TikTok Live with the guy to clear the air. During an.. - Published

Conjoined Twins Abby & Brittany Hensel Fire Back at Haters Over Wedding

Conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel don't understand why everyone's flipping their lid over news that one of them got hitched -- calling out all the gawkers on social media. Abby and Brittany have.. - Published

How conspiracy theorists, TikTok sleuths and armchair detectives are impacting police investigations

"So, do we have a serial killer in the UK pushing people or drowning people in rivers, canals, lakes, etc?" a TikToker cheerfully asks, in a video that has attracted more than 300,000 views.
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Ryan Garcia Breaks Down In TikTok Video, Tearfully Thanks Fans

Ryan Garcia just got super emotional on video ... crying as he tried to create a TikTok to thank his fans for their recent support. The boxing star can be seen in the footage -- which was posted to his.. - Published

James Charles Goes On Expletive-Filled Tirade Against Congress Over TikTok Ban

Congress' potential TikTok ban isn't sitting right with some people ... especially influencers it's going to affect like James Charles -- who absolutely trashed the government. The controversial social.. - Published

TikTok CEO appeals to users directly to oppose potential US ban

TikTok's chief executive has appealed to US users directly to stop a bill that could see the social media app banned in America.
Sky News - Published

TikTok CEO says ban would 'take billions of dollars out of the pockets of creators'

The CEO of TikTok has said that a US ban on the platform "would take billions of dollars out of the pockets of creators and small businesses".
Sky News - Published

TikTok Ban Bill Passes In The House, Still Needs To Go Through Senate

TikTok's dancing on thin ice in the U.S. ... with the House voting to ban the popular social media app -- unless its Beijing-based parent company ByteDance sells its stake, that is. A vote went down.. - Published

TikTok's US future in doubt as House demands end to China ownership

TikTok's Chinese owners are facing the prospect of the video app being banned in the United States unless they sell its American operation.
Sky News - Published

Pet Cockatiel Bird Wakes Up Owner Singing Earth, Wind & Fire's 'September'

A British woman's pet bird is also an early bird -- and the way it wakes up its owner is with some '70s soul music ... which the internet is absolutely loving on TikTok. Kiki -- a singing cockatiel.. - Published

Gorilla Charges at Zookeeper and Gets in Terrifying Standoff

Staring down an angry silverback gorilla is not where anyone wants to be -- but a Fort Worth zookeeper did, and the terrifying scene was all captured by zoo patrons. The video has blown up on TikTok,.. - Published

TikTok Star Reesa Teesa's Ex Says CAA Will Be Disappointed by Lack of Talent

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Teens Break Into Clippers' New Arena, Post Mayhem on TikTok

This is not the headline NBA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer envisioned when he sunk $2 billion into building a brand new state-of-the-art arena. Cops are on the lookout for the 2 male teenagers who broke.. - Published

'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Shares Footage From Scary Attempted Break-In

Jenelle Evans is still reeling from an attempted break-in that took place just days ago ... and it's easy to see why -- 'cause the scary scene was captured on video. The "Teen Mom 2" star took to.. - Published

TikTok singer Cat Janice dies aged 31

Cat Janice, a musician who went viral on TikTok for dedicating her last song to her young son, has died of sarcoma cancer aged 31.
Sky News - Published

Fulham should apologise for Fernandes TikTok - Ten Hag

Erik ten Hag says Fulham "should apologise" for a TikTok posted on their account which appears to mock Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes.
BBC Sport - Published

TikTok's Reesa Teesa's Ex Considers Legal Action Over 'Who TF Did I Marry'

Reesa Teesa's ex is telling his side of a viral TikTok saga that's taken the internet by storm -- and while he's been painted one way, he's got a different story ... which might end in court. Jerome.. - Published

Bryce Hall Claps Back at Billie Eilish's TikTok Diss at People's Choice Awards

Bryce Hall is clapping back at Billie Eilish after she was heard wondering why a bunch of TikTok stars were at the People's Choice Awards ... sarcastically apologizing for her disgust. The internet.. - Published

Kanye West Trolls Taylor Swift Over Grammy Win Difference

Kanye West is taking joy in his Grammy supremacy over Taylor Swift. Ye just trolled Taylor on TikTok, posting about winning bigger than her over the years at the award show. Kanye's post is a slideshow.. - Published

TikToker Teresa 'Queenzzielocthevoice' Smith Dead at 48 After Cancer Battle

Teresa Smith -- AKA, Queenzzielocthevoice, on TikTok -- has died after a tough battle with cancer ... TMZ has learned. Teresa's daughter Yolundria Rooks, tells us the viral star -- famous covering.. - Published

'Sopranos' Star Drea De Matteo Having Fun Inspiring 'Mob Wife Aesthetic'

Drea De Matteo is the "It" girl again, as the poster child for the mob wife aesthetic trend from TikTok ... and that means it's time to bust out that wardrobe her 'Sopranos' character first made.. - Published

TikTok influencers to be paid to urge migrants not to cross Channel

Influencers on TikTok are to be paid by the British government to urge migrants not to cross the Channel in small boats.
Sky News - Published

Taylor Swift Posts Video of Parents in Club, Travis Kelce on TikTok

Taylor Swift not only hit the club with Travis Kelce and co. after the Super Bowl -- but she was there with her parents too ... something she caught on camera and posted online. The pop star threw up.. - Published

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