Jeff Bezos

American business magnate (born 1964)

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Jeff Bezos: American business magnate (born 1964)
Jeffrey Preston Bezos is an American entrepreneur, media proprietor, investor, and commercial astronaut. He is the founder, executive chairman, and former president and CEO of Amazon. With a net worth of US$128 billion as of February 2023, Bezos is the third-wealthiest person in the world and was the wealthiest from 2017 to 2021 according to both Bloomberg's Billionaires Index and Forbes.


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Jeff Bezos' $500 Million Mega Yacht Gets Test Run in Dutch Waters

Jeff Bezos' new mega yacht is up and running, giving us a first glimpse of what half a billion bucks will get you in a sea vessel ... and it's quite a sight to behold in open waters. The ship -- a.. - Published

Lauren Sanchez Spills Details About Relationship with Jeff Bezos

Lauren Sanchez is opening up about her relationship with Jeff Bezos for the first time -- and based in her own words, here's the story ... of a lovely lady. The former newscaster dished a lot of.. - Published

Jeff Bezos' Ex-Wife Mackenzie Scott's Divorce From Second Husband Finalized

MacKenzie Scott is officially single again -- her divorce from her second husband is signed, sealed and delivered ... kinda like an Amazon order. The former Mrs. Jeff Bezos had her dissolution of.. - Published

Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez Hit The Ski Slopes In Aspen

Jeff Bezos and his boo Lauren Sanchez are living their best lives this holiday season ... tacklin' the slopes in the snow as a couple! Jeff and Lauren strapped on some ski boots and took to Aspen, CO.. - Published

Jeff Bezos, 'Partner' Lauren Sanchez Give $100M to Dolly Parton for Charity

Jeff Bezos is handing off a HUGE chunk of his cash to Dolly Parton ... and he's doing so with Lauren Sanchez right by his side -- and ICYMI, she's not his GF, she's his partner. Jeff and Lauren sat.. - Published

Jeff Bezos plans to give most of his $124bn fortune away

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos plans to give away most of his $124bn fortune during his lifetime, according to CNN.
Sky News - Published

Dolly Parton bags $100m award from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

dolly parton bags $100m award from amazon founder jeff bezos
Country music star Dolly Parton has been given a $100m (£85m) prize by Jeff Bezos.
Sky News - Published

Mark Cuban Says Jay-Z, Jeff Bezos Would Be 'Great' NFL Owners

The Commanders will be in amazing hands if Daniel Snyder does end up selling the team to Jeff Bezos and Jay-Z ... so says Mark Cuban, who tells TMZ Sports the duo would be "great" NFL owners. Snyder.. - Published

Jay-Z And Jeff Bezos Grab Dinner In L.A., Cement Partnership To Buy Commanders?!

A Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos partnership to buy the Washington Commanders seems to be full throttle ... because Monday night the two billionaires grabbed dinner in LA -- breaking bread for more than two.. - Published

'14-hour days with no break and no bathroom': Jeff Bezos sued by his former housekeeper

'14-hour days with no break and no bathroom': jeff bezos sued by his former housekeeper
A former housekeeper for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos alleges she and other employees were made to work in unsafe and unsanitary conditions - including having to climb out of a laundry room window to..
Sky News - Published

Jay-Z, Jeff Bezos Interested In Buying Washington Commanders, Sources Say

Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos, two of the most successful men in America, are interested in buying the Washington Commanders, in light of owner Dan Snyder's interest in selling the NFL team, sources tell TMZ.. - Published

Jeff Bezos Sued By Housekeeper, Claims She Had To Climb Out Window To Use Bathroom

Jeff Bezos is going to court because one of his former housekeepers claims he racially discriminated against her, and forced her to work under conditions so bad ... just going to the bathroom was a.. - Published

William Shatner Says Blue Origin Space Flight Experience Was Super Sad

William Shatner called Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin space flight a profound experience upon landing back on Earth -- but now, he's saying ... it was actually a huge bummer. The 'Star Trek' OG has a new book.. - Published

Shaquille O'Neal Down To Join Jeff Bezos In Bid To Buy Phoenix Suns

Shaq ain't down to outspend Jeff Bezos for the Phoenix Suns ... but if the billionaire wants to join forces in an effort to own the NBA franchise -- The Big Diesel tells TMZ Sports he's in for that!.. - Published

Jeff Bezos Chummy With NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell During 'TNF' Game

Jeff Bezos had one of the best seats in the house at Arrowhead Stadium Thursday night -- taking in the Chargers-Chiefs game with Roger Goodell from the NFL commissioner's suite. 58-year-old Amazon.. - Published

'This wasn't planned': Bezos rocket fails on first launch

'this wasn't planned': bezos rocket fails on first launch
The rocket company owned by the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has suffered its first launch failure - with an escape system flinging the crew capsule to safety.
Sky News - Published

Jeff Bezos' £350m bet on Tolkien: The Rings of Power premieres in London

jeff bezos' £350m bet on tolkien: the rings of power premieres in london
Fantasy fans have waited years for something to fill the Game of Thrones shaped hole in their TV schedules, and just weeks after the first prequel House of the Dragon was released, Tolkien now gets the..
Sky News - Published

Jeff Bezos' Mega Yacht Towed Away Amid Dutch Bridge Backlash

Jeff Bezos has been battling the Netherlands to build a massive yacht in their backyard -- but it seems he's relenting, 'cause his baby was dragged away at the ass crack of dawn. A huge vessel being.. - Published

Jeff Bezos' Parents Buy 'RHOM' Star Nicole Martin's $44 Million Mansion

Jeff Bezos' parents really have a taste -- an expensive one -- for Florida real estate, because they just bought their second mansion there ... one previously owned by a 'Real Housewife' of Miami... - Published

Jeff Bezos' Parents Buy $34 Million Mansion in Florida

It pays to be in the Jeff Bezos’ inner circle of trust — especially if you’re his parents … and pay they did for a palace of epic proportions out in the Sunshine State. Sources tell TMZ that.. - Published

Jeff Bezos, GF Lauren Sanchez Take a Trip to Disneyland

Jeff Bezos could easily buy all of Disneyland for a day, but instead took mercy on us normies, and simply visited the park for a day with his GF Lauren Sanchez ... but still had a VIP experience. The.. - Published

Space tourism could undo work to repair ozone layer, scientists say

space tourism could undo work to repair ozone layer, scientists say
The space tourism of Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos could undo the progress made to heal the ozone layer, scientists have said.
Sky News - Published

Jeff Bezos Takes Aim at Biden Administration Over Inflation Tweets

President Biden has been trying to take credit for lowering inflation, or offer suggestions on how to reduce it -- but in both cases, Jeff Bezos is calling BS ... in pretty public terms. The Amazon.. - Published

Jeff Bezos questions Musk's ties to China ahead of Twitter takeover

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has asked whether Elon Musk's deal to buy Twitter will give China "a bit of leverage" over the platform.
Sky News - Published

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Double Date with Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are clearly two peas in a pod, but they made some extra room for date night with Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez. The four got together Monday night in West Hollywood,.. - Published

Jeff Bezos Gives Elon Musk Advice on Would-Be Twitter Homeless Shelter

Elon Musk is considering turning one of Twitter's offices into a hub of humanitarianism -- and Jeff Bezos, of all people, has a suggestion ... get on my level, 'cause I already did it. The Tesla chief.. - Published

Tesla's Elon Musk drives past Jeff Bezos in Forbes' list of billionaires

tesla's elon musk drives past jeff bezos in forbes' list of billionaires
Elon Musk has topped Forbes' list of world billionaires, relegating Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to second place for the first time in four years.
Sky News - Published

Comedian Pete Davidson drops out of Jeff Bezos's latest space flight

comedian pete davidson drops out of jeff bezos's latest space flight
Comedian Pete Davidson has dropped out of Jeff Bezos's latest space flight.
Sky News - Published Also reported by •

Pete Davidson Gets Blue Origin Launch Date, Other Passengers Revealed

Pete Davidson is officially taking off, not just in his celebrity status -- but in space too ... 'cause he's now got a launch date for the next manned flight that Jeff Bezos sends up in the air ... and.. - Published

Jeff Bezos Upset Blue Origin Spacesuit Didn't Fit His Crotch

Jeff Bezos is very particular about his family jewels and how they're framed -- he threw a fit before his historic spaceflight because his Blue Origin jumpsuit didn't make his crotch look too hot. The.. - Published

Pete Davidson In Talks to Go To Space On Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin

When people say Pete Davidson is a rising star, you can take that literally now -- dude's talking to Jeff Bezos about blasting off in a Blue Origin spacecraft! TMZ has confirmed the 'SNL' star is in.. - Published

Jeff Bezos & Lauren Sanchez Partying at Justin Bieber's Super Bowl Party

Justin Bieber brought a ton of A-listers out to his show for the opening night of Super Bowl weekend ... including Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez, who couldn't get their hands off each other. JB was the.. - Published

'Lord of the Rings' Rights Up for Sale, Could Go for $2 Billion

Rings, Hobbits, wizards, elves and even that creepy Gollum dude ... all things 'Lord of the Rings" are hitting the open market, but you're probably gonna have to outbid Jeff Bezos to get it. Here's the.. - Published

Historic bridge to be dismantled so Jeff Bezos's superyacht can fit through

historic bridge to be dismantled so jeff bezos's superyacht can fit through
Rotterdam will dismantle a historic bridge so that a giant superyacht being built for Jeff Bezos in a local shipyard can pass through.
Sky News - Published

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez Look Like Royalty on St. Barths Yacht

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez are not royalty ... he's not a sir, she's not a duchess, but still, they lounge like royalty. The multibillionaire and his GF were sprawled out on what looks like some.. - Published

Jeff Bezos Not Taking HGH, Source

Lots of folks have jumped to the conclusion Jeff Bezos can only get the body we've now seen with the help of human growth hormones -- HGH -- but sources connected to Jeff tell TMZ it's all B.S. The.. - Published

Jeff Bezos Looks Buff As He Shows Off Body in Caribbean with Girlfriend

Jeff Bezos is a billionaire 9 ... 'cause he's showing off his impressive bod during a yacht trip with his girlfriend. J.B. and Lauren Sanchez continued their PDA Xmas tour in the Caribbean. As we told.. - Published

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez Have Lunch with Friends in St. Barts

Jeff Bezos and GF Lauren Sanchez live a fancy-schmancy life ... nevertheless, they like circulating in public, which is exactly what they did when they grabbed some grub in St. Barts. Don't get us.. - Published

Jeff Bezos 'Heartbroken' Over Amazon Tornado Deaths, Dragged for Delay

Jeff Bezos did some damage control Saturday night, saying he was "heartbroken" over the tragedy at one of his Amazon plants, where at least 6 people died as a tornado ripped through the facility ..... - Published

Jeff Bezos Says Humans Will Inhabit Space, Earth Will Be Vacation Destination

Jeff Bezos is a super-smart guy, so you just can't dismiss what he says out of hand, but this one is mind-bending. Bezos thinks planet earth is going to be more like Disneyland in the future rather.. - Published

Man Who Went to Space with William Shatner Dies in Plane Crash

One of the men who went to space aboard Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin ship -- and was joined by William Shatner on the voyage -- has died in a plane crash. Authorities say Glen de Vries died Thursday in a.. - Published

Jeff Bezos makes cliff joke in response to viral video of girlfriend meeting Leonard DiCaprio

jeff bezos makes cliff joke in response to viral video of girlfriend meeting leonard dicaprio
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has jokingly suggested he would lure Leonardo DiCaprio off a cliff in response to a video of his girlfriend meeting the actor.
Sky News - Published

Jeff Bezos' Hilarious Response To Leonardo DiCaprio Viral Video With GF

Jeff Bezos is being a good sport over Leonardo DiCaprio chatting up his lady right in front of him ... sending Leo a funny but not so subtle message. The Amazon honcho just responded to the video going.. - Published

Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin loses legal fight to take part in NASA moon landings

jeff bezos's blue origin loses legal fight to take part in nasa moon landings
A judge has dismissed Jeff Bezos's private spaceflight company Blue Origin's lawsuit against NASA over the awarding of a moon-landing contract to SpaceX.
Sky News - Published

Sen. Warren Says Bezos Should Pay Taxes Before Space Business Park

Jeff Bezos wants to get commerce going in the Milky Way -- something he's more than welcome to do, just so long as he pays Earthling taxes beforehand ... so says Sen. Elizabeth Warren. We got the U.S... - Published

William Shatner Fires Back at George Takei Over 'Guinea Pig' Space Crack

George Takei thinks his old "Star Trek" buddy, William Shatner, is just an old-timer who played lab rat for Jeff Bezos' latest jaunt to space ... but Captain Kirk's not having it. Bill fired back over.. - Published

Prince William Blasts Space Tourism, Urges Billionaires to First Repair Earth

Prince William has some harsh words for the Elon Musks, Jeff Bezos' and Richard Bransons of the world ... focus on fixing this planet instead of exploring what else is out there. The Duke of Cambridge.. - Published

William Shatner Launching to Space with Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin, Watch Live Stream

William Shatner's about to rocket into space, courtesy of Jeff Bezos and one of his Blue Origin rockets ... and you can watch his journey trek to the stars right here. Captain Kirk and his crew --.. - Published

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