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American broadcaster (born 1967)

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Joe Rogan: American broadcaster (born 1967)
Joseph James Rogan is an American podcaster, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator, comedian, actor, and former television presenter. He hosts The Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast in which he discusses current events, comedy, politics, philosophy, science, and hobbies with a variety of guests.

Jimmy Kimmel on Why Tucker Carlson Shouldn’t Be Canceled | THR News [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel on Why Tucker Carlson Shouldn’t Be Canceled | THR News

Jimmy Kimmel is weighing in on Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan and Donald Trump in a new interview.

Credit: The Hollywood Reporter     Duration: 01:38Published
Ivermectin Does Not Reduce Risk of COVID-19 Hospitalization, Study Says [Video]

Ivermectin Does Not Reduce Risk of COVID-19 Hospitalization, Study Says

Ivermectin Does Not Reduce Risk , of COVID-19 Hospitalization, Study Says. Ivermectin Does Not Reduce Risk , of COVID-19 Hospitalization, Study Says. NPR reports a new study says ivermectin, an..

Credit: Wibbitz Top Stories     Duration: 01:30Published

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Joe Rogan Says Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas' Participation Is 'Assault On Women's Sports'

Joe Rogan says transgender swimmer Lia Thomas competing in college athletics against cisgender women amounts to an "assault on women's sports," and believes it could be "the woke straw that broke.. - Published

Joe Rogan Wishes Cain Velasquez Had Caught Alleged Molester & 'Beat Him To Death'

Joe Rogan didn't mince words when defending Cain Velasquez in wake of the UFC legend's arrest last week ... saying straight-up he wishes the fighter had beaten his relative's alleged molester "to.. - Published

Joe Rogan Rips Himself in Stand-Up Routine, Tackles Podcast Controversies

Fall back, Neil Young ... Joe Rogan's plenty capable of ripping himself, and is openly questioning why anyone would take medical advice from the freakin' host of "Fear Factor." Rogan was onstage.. - Published

'That was racist as f***': Joe Rogan addresses controversies in stand-up set

'that was racist as f***': joe rogan addresses controversies in stand-up set
Joe Rogan has publicly addressed his podcast controversies again, this time in-front of a crowd at his stand up show.
Sky News - Published

Joe Rogan Calls N-Word Video 'Political Hit Job,' but Relieved After Apology

Fresh off his apology for repeatedly using the n-word, Joe Rogan says he's a victim ... because that compilation video was only put together as a "political hit job," and yet, he's found a silver.. - Published

Rev. Al Sharpton Says Joe Rogan Must Do More to Prove He's Sorry

Al Sharpton says Joe Rogan needs to do more to prove he’s learned from this controversy over his use of the n-word — but what "more" looks like, exactly, is still a bit hazy. We got the reverend.. - Published

T-Pain Says Joe Rogan Outrage is Hypocritical, Chalks It Up to Money

T-Pain is posing an interesting question about Joe Rogan -- what exactly are people angry about ... perceived harmful content in general, or is the outrage strictly personal? The singer dished his.. - Published

Spotify Stands By Joe Rogan, Donates $100M to Marginalized Groups

Spotify has called out Joe Rogan for "incredibly hurtful" comments, but they are holding firm ... he still has a place on its platform. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek wrote a memo to staff, saying, "There are.. - Published

Spotify CEO condemns Joe Rogan's racial slurs - but says company will not drop him

spotify ceo condemns joe rogan's racial slurs - but says company will not drop him
The CEO of audio platform Spotify has waded into the Joe Rogan row, telling employees while he does not support the podcaster's use of racial slurs, the company will not be cutting ties with him.
Sky News - Published

Joe Rogan's N-Word Controversy Invokes Whataboutism With Howard Stern

Joe Rogan getting called out for repeatedly using the n-word in the past is getting an expected whataboutism treatment -- with comparisons being made to Howard Stern. Here's the deal ... in the wake of.. - Published

Joe Rogan Issues Apology After N-Word Videos Resurface on Social Media

Joe Rogan is apologizing for repeatedly using the n-word -- the entire word -- in his past, saying, "It looks f***ing horrible, even to me." A complication of clips from old podcasts shows Rogan using.. - Published

'I'm not racist': Joe Rogan apologises for using n-word in historical podcast episodes

'i'm not racist': joe rogan apologises for using n-word in historical podcast episodes
Joe Rogan has apologised after footage emerged of him repeatedly using the n-word on his podcast show.
Sky News - Published

Sharon Stone attacks 'dangerous' Joe Rogan over COVID views - but Dwayne Johnson among stars to back podcaster

sharon stone attacks 'dangerous' joe rogan over covid views - but dwayne johnson among stars to back podcaster
Joe Rogan has been branded as "dangerous" by actress Sharon Stone, adding that he is "risking people's lives with his idiocy" as the backlash against his podcast continues.
Sky News - Published

Sharon Stone Calls Joe Rogan 'A**hole' for COVID Policy, Misinformation

Sharon Stone says Joe Rogan's new approach to discussing COVID-19 is empty lip-service if he continues spreading misinformation, and adds there's only one thing he needs to disclaim. The actress and.. - Published

Joe Rogan Gets Support from The Rock and Other Celebs After Apology

Joe Rogan is getting support after saying he can do better on his podcast ... but some celebs still aren't buying it. The Rock was more than good with Joe's mea culpa, saying, "Great stuff here.. - Published

Joe Rogan Apologizes and Says He'll Balance Controversial COVID Theories with Mainstream Science

Joe Rogan vowed to do better in the wake of criticism his podcast is spreading COVID misinformation ... and he says he knows how to make things better and more responsible. Rogan broke his silence.. - Published

Who is Joe Rogan and what is the Spotify COVID misinformation row all about?

who is joe rogan and what is the spotify covid misinformation row all about?
"They can have Rogan or Young. Not both." This was reportedly the ultimatum to Spotify from Neil Young, over the streaming platform's deal with US podcaster Joe Rogan.
Sky News - Published

Joe Rogan's Sold-Out Show Canceled Over COVID Vaccine Mandate

Joe Rogan is sticking to his guns, canceling an upcoming show in Canada ... and it's all over the country's vaccine mandates. Joe was scheduled to perform in Vancouver on April 20th -- yes, April 20th.. - Published

Dana White Says He's COVID-19 Free, 'Thank You, Dr. Joe Rogan'

Great news! UFC president Dana White is officially COVID-19 free ... telling TMZ Sports he tested negative for the virus, and he's crediting Joe Rogan's suggested treatment plan of monoclonal.. - Published

UFC's Dana White Tests Positive For COVID, Consulted Joe Rogan

Dana White didn't make it through the Thanksgiving holiday unscathed ... 'cause the UFC boss announced he tested positive for COVID-19 -- but thankfully he says he's feelin' okay. White broke the news.. - Published

Aaron Rodgers Says He Took Ivermectin To Fight COVID After Consulting W/ Joe Rogan

Aaron Rodgers says after contracting COVID this week ... he consulted with Joe Rogan and decided to take ivermectin to fight off the virus on the heels of the podcast host's advice. The Green Bay.. - Published

Joe Rogan and CNN's Sanjay Gupta Argue Over COVID Vaccine

Joe Rogan had a super-interesting convo with CNN's Sanjay Gupta ... it was confrontationally civilized. The good Doc was clearly on a mission to counter Rogan's message about the COVID vaccine. "The.. - Published

Joe Rogan Thinks Joe Biden Faked Getting COVID Vaccine Booster Shot

Joe Rogan believes Joe Biden did NOT get a COVID vaccine booster shot on live TV this week ... saying, "I don't think they would take the chance." The comedian and UFC commentator delivered the wild.. - Published

Joe Rogan Says Ivermectin Was Prescribed By Dr., Returns To Host Podcast

Joe Rogan returned to his hosting gig 8 days after testing positive for COVID-19, and addressed his use of the controversial medication, Ivermectin, insisting he took a human version of the drug that.. - Published

Podcast host who suggested young people should not get vaccine tests positive for COVID

podcast host who suggested young people should not get vaccine tests positive for covid
The controversial but popular podcast host Joe Rogan has tested positive for COVID-19.
Sky News - Published

Joe Rogan Has COVID, Cancels Show & Admits He's on Ivermectin

Joe says he's taking ivermectin -- the livestock de-wormer drug that the CDC and the FDA have specifically come out and warned against as a remedy to battle COVID. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Joe Rogan's.. - Published

Skywriting Marriage Proposal Ends with Shot at Joe Rogan's Height

Somebody took to the skies of Los Angeles to ask for a woman's hand in marriage -- but apparently, they shelled out a little extra to make fun of ... Joe Rogan. A skywriting message marriage proposal.. - Published

Joe Rogan Says 'Woke' Culture Will Be the End of Straight White Men

Joe Rogan thinks there's no end to woke and/or cancel culture -- even going so far as to say that it will silence straight, white men and relegate them to being indoor cats if it continues. The famous.. - Published

Joe Rogan Says He's a 'Moron' but Not Anti-Vaxx, Walks Back COVID Remark

Joe Rogan's walking back his COVID-19 comments suggesting young, healthy people don't need to get vaccinated, and he wants to make it clear he's not a doctor, not an anti-vaxxer ... but he IS a.. - Published

Dr. Fauci Pushes Back Against Joe Rogan's Vaccine Comments

Joe Rogan's suggestion that young people don't need to get the vaccine isn't sitting well with Dr. Anthony Fauci, who says that's a totally selfish approach to battling a pandemic. The Spotify.. - Published

Kanye West Open to Running for CA Governor on Joe Rogan's Podcast

Kanye West and Joe Rogan finally had their recorded sit-down, touching on lots of different topics ... including the fact Ye's willing to make a pitstop on his way to the White House. Ye appeared on.. - Published

Kanye West Confirms He's Doing Joe Rogan's Podcast, Posts FaceTime Pics

It's officially going down ... Joe Rogan is hosting Kanye West on his uber-popular podcast -- and it sounds like Ye's been given license to get creative with the look. Kanye tweeted out the news.. - Published

Caitlyn Jenner Says Joe Rogan's Joke About Her Transition is Transphobic

Caitlyn Jenner is angry at a joke Joe Rogan told about her transition, claiming it's simply transphobic and hurtful to the entire trans community. Caitlyn's on "TMZ Live" Wednesday ... talking about.. - Published

Marshawn Lynch Is a Full Contact Karate Announcer, 'Fighting Sh*t Is For Real!'

Marshawn Lynch could be the next Joe Rogan -- because he's now a commentator for a full contact Karate Combat league! Yep, Beast Mode will team up with MMA legend Bas Rutten for season 2 of "Karate.. - Published

Joe Rogan Gets Emotional About Chadwick Boseman Death, 'F**k, I'm Tearing Up'

"Sucks so hard that some a-holes live forever and some really cool people die young." That's Joe Rogan keeping it honest on the death of Chadwick Boseman ... saying he was crushed when he heard the.. - Published