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The breakout star of Apple’s MacBook Pro event is a $19 cleaning clothThe breakout star of Apple’s MacBook Pro event is a $19 cleaning cloth

Credit: The Next Web - Published 6 hours ago
Who gives a good goddamn about new MacBook Pros or the AirPods 3? I’ll tell you who: losers. Because there was only one product worth our attention launched at Apple‘s October event. And that, friends, is a motherfucking cleaning cloth. Shh, don’t get annoyed. I understand you. I know how you.. »more

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Save $220 on a Samsung soundbar to go with that new TV you buy for Black Friday

*Save $220:* The Samsung 7.1-channel HW-Q65T soundbar with rear speaker kit and wireless subwoofer is only $279.99 at Best Buy as of Oct. 19. This early Black Friday deal is 44% off the original price.


It's easy to feel a little overwhelmed with..
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How to customize gesture controls on AirPods

One of the best parts of owning AirPods is the nearly phone-free experience you can have while using them. Once I put my 'Pods in and start my music, I can just tap on the physical earbud to skip to the next song, or take an AirPod out to pause it.

But what if you find yourself going back..
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Get to know Microsoft Office on a deeper level for less than $6 per course

*TL;DR: *Work smarter not harder with the Complete 2022 Microsoft Office Master Class Bundle, on sale for less than $6 per course as of Oct. 19. That's a 94% savings.


Microsoft Office is here for the long haul. And chances are, at some point,..
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Netflix's 'Cowboy Bebop' teaser is a fast, fun intro to your space bounty hunter pals

Hey, nutbuckets! Here's a real good look at Netflix's live action version of Cowboy Bebop.

Following the opening credits released a few weeks ago, it's the latest we've seen of the live action remake of Shinichirō Watanabe's beloved space western anime series. And it's not a standard..
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