Parents Support Extended Masking Policy

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Parents Support Extended Masking Policy

Parents Support Extended Masking Policy

Megan Reyna goes over Huntsville City Schools masking protocol and why parents support them.

Fully vaccinated.

Tonight several huntsville city school parents are feeling relieved.

The district went over its covid safety protocols at a huntsville city school board meeting.

Waay31's megan reyna joins us in studio tonight... she goes over the protocols and why many parents are in support of them, megan?

The main protocol on parent's minds was masking.

Its current masking procedure will stay in place for the rest of this school year.

That means students and staff will have to wear their masks ... unless they are eating... drinking... or alone in a classroom or outdoors.

Other exceptions include certain extra- curricular activities -- or if someone has a medical condition that prevents mask-wearing.

The district said its decision was based off the c-d-c's recommendation... and to mitigate risks.

One mother in the district says while she agrees with the state-wide mask mandate being lifted ... she understands why the district chose to keep its current protocol.

"no one has even got so much as much as i mean barely the sniffles in our home, i think it works, the kids have been doing it the whole year, we might as well continue the same way.

We have only 9 weeks of school left, it makes sense."

She adds her two kids have done well with the masks and its really just become a new normal for them.

I also spoke to other parents in the district tonight.

All of them agree with this decision.

In addition to masking -- safety measures like plexi-glass barriers will remain in place.

That's despite the c-d-c stating their

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