Tourists celebrate Holi at Miramar beach in Panaji

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Tourists celebrate Holi at Miramar beach in Panaji

Tourists celebrate Holi at Miramar beach in Panaji

Tourists celebrated Holi at Miramar beach in Goa's Panaji on March 29.

People smeared colours at each other and celebrated the festival of colours with full festive fervour.

However, because of COVID-19 pandemic, this year public Holi celebrations have been restricted in multiple states.

Large public gatherings are prohibited to curb the spread of the virus.

Holi is celebrated as triumph of good over evil.

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Holi Holi Hindu spring festival of vibrant colours

Hindu-Muslim come together to celebrate Ganga Mela in Kanpur [Video]

Hindu-Muslim come together to celebrate Ganga Mela in Kanpur

Religious festivals are a great way to celebrate a tradition or ritual and tie citizens in a common knot of love, peace and brotherhood. One among them is Ganga Mela, an annual cultural festival celebrated exclusively in the city of Kanpur. Recently, as it observed its 80th edition, people of different communities took to the streets to immerse in the festivities of 'Ganga Mela'. Citizens smeared in colours walked through the streets to mark the occasion. While some showered flowers and celebrated Holi, others exchanged sweets. It's been said that in the year 1942; the then British officer banned the use of colours during Holi to which a group of youngsters belonging to Kanpur's Hatia locality revolted under the leadership of Babu Gulab Chandra Seth and were jailed for the same. The action led to fury and the entire city as a mark of protest decided to play Holi until the arrested youngsters were set free. The British government ultimately bowed to their demand and released the youngsters. After their release, Holi was played again which then became a tradition.

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People of different communities celebrate Hola Mohalla in Poonch [Video]

People of different communities celebrate Hola Mohalla in Poonch

When the rest of the country was soaked in colours, celebrating the Hindu festival of Holi, the Sikh community residing in various parts of the country especially Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir was observing the most auspicious Hola Mohalla festival. Commemorating the transformation of the Sikh community into a martial fraternity, the festival was introduced by the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh as a gathering of Sikhs for military exercises and mock battles to counter Mughal Empire. Though Hola Mohalla is a celebration of courage and glory, this year it also became a manifestation of communal harmony when people of all castes and communities in JandK's Poonch participated in its procession. To mark the occasion, Nihangs or Sikh warriors wearing their distinctive blue traditional costumes and decorated turbans displayed their bravery and skills in the ancient martial art known as 'Gatka' and sword fighting in a colourful ceremony. Proper security arrangements were done by the Poonch administration to avoid any chaos during the procession. Much enthusiasm was also witnessed in the Amritsar city of Northern Punjab state where the golden temple transformed into a show of glitzy display and looked majestic during the festival. As a part of the occasion, Devotees carried the Guru Granth Sahib, the Holy Scripture of the Sikhs, in a palanquin, heavily decorated with flowers, amid chanting hymns and spraying perfume all over. Reciting the story of bravery and faith, Hola Mohalla not only boasts of India's rich culture and heritage but also bring a sense of oneness among people from diverse religions and communities.

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Hindus and Muslims celebrate Bhai Dooj together in Kanpur [Video]

Hindus and Muslims celebrate Bhai Dooj together in Kanpur

For the last many years, a locality in the Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh has been giving a new meaning to the Hindu festival of Bhai Dooj. Every year on this occasion, both Hindu and Muslim people living here, gather at one place and celebrate the occasion. While Hindu sisters apply vermillion on the forehead of Muslim brothers and give sweets, the same is repeated by Muslim sisters as well and today this tradition has become a medium to strengthen the bond between two communities. In India, Bhai Dooj is observed for ages and have many tales associated with it. According to a popular legend in Hindu Mythology, after slaying the evil demon, Narkasur, Lord Krishna visited his sister Subhadra, who gave him a warm welcome with sweets and flowers and also applied a ceremonial tilak, a vermillion mark on his forehead and hence the festival of Bhai Dooj was born. Even though it is a small Hindu tradition but the way it is revered by the people of the Muslim community in Kanpur, has just increased its significance. Moreover, this brotherhood is not just limited to Bhai Dooj but other festivals, be it of Hindus or Muslims are also observed with the same enthusiasm. Bhai Dooj is made up of two words namely Bhai meaning brother and Dooj meaning the second day after the new moon which is a day of its celebration. Holding a special significance in the lives of a brother and sister, the occasion is celebrated two days a year. While the more famous one comes on the second day after Diwali, the other less popular one that comes a day after Holi is celebrated only a particular community.

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Miramar, Goa Miramar, Goa Place in Goa, India

Panaji Panaji City in Goa, india

Lockdown in Goa till May 03 [Video]

Lockdown in Goa till May 03

Amidst surplus in COVID-19 infections and deaths, lockdown has been imposed in Goa till May 03. Roads in Panaji wore a deserted look as police was on strict vigil to enforce COVID guidelines. Essential services and industrial activities are allowed. Borders will remain open for essential service transportation. Public transport will remain shut. Casinos, hotels, pubs will also be closed under the COVID guidelines.

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People offer prayers on Good Friday in Panaji [Video]

People offer prayers on Good Friday in Panaji

Good Friday is being observed on April 02 across the world this year. People offered prayers at Immaculate Conception Church in Goa where COVID precautionary measures were followed. Good Friday is a Christian festival and on this day, Jesus Christ gave sacrifice of his life while suffering for the sins of the people.

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Goa Goa State in India

COVID: 2-week lockdown in Goa begins [Video]

COVID: 2-week lockdown in Goa begins

In view of the rapid surge in COVID-19 infection, Goa government had announced a two-week curfew in the state from May 9 till May 23. Essential services have been exempted, grocery shops are allowed to remain open from 7am-1pm and for restaurant only takeaway orders are allowed from 7am- 7pm. RT-PCR negative test report or vaccination (both doses) certificate has been made mandatory for tourists visiting Goa.

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14-day 'total curfew' in Goa from May 9 - What's allowed, what's not

"A detailed order will be issued by the respective District Collectors on Saturday evening," Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said.

Strict COVID curbs to remain in force in Goa till May 10 - Check details

CM Pramod Sawant said the lockdown imposed in Goa will be lifted on May 3, however, COVID related restrictions will continue to be in force for a week